Things You Don't Need To Explain Yourself For

Things You Don’t Need To Explain Yourself For

Because of the society we live in and how we are brought up, we often think we need to explain ourselves to others for the various things we do or say. Of course, there are times when an explanation probably is warranted, but this is not something that is required for every little thing in your life.

There are some things that you do not have to explain to other people, and this is worth keeping in mind. Frankly, some things are nobody's business other than yours, which is why no explanation is necessary for some aspects of your life.

Some Things Where No Explanation Is Required

things you don't need to explain yourself for

When the things that you say or do have no impact on anyone else other than you, there should be no need to provide others with an explanation. Some of these things include:

The Way You Look

things you don't need to explain yourself for

When it comes to the way we look, dress, and appear to others, we all have different preferences – after all, life would be boring if we all looked the same. Some people enjoy dressing in a certain way or doing their hair and makeup in a particular way, and this can sometimes raise eyebrows.

However, there is no need for you to have to explain yourself over your own physical appearance, as it is nobody else's business. You do not have to conform to what is considered the norm when it comes to appearance, and you certainly don't have to feel bad and explain yourself to someone.

Your Living Situation

things you don't need to explain yourself for

We all have different living situations depending on our circumstances, and this is something that can change at various points during your life. Some people live with their parents, others live alone, some live with their partners, and some share a home with friends or roommates.

Whatever your living situation, you do not have to feel you owe anyone an explanation about it. Of course, you can feel free to discuss your living situation with others if you wish, and even ask for advice, but you certainly don't need to explain why you are living like you are.

Your Relationship Status

things you don't need to explain yourself for

While some people are keen to find that special someone to share their lives with, there are also plenty of people who are happy enough to stay single. In fact, some people thrive on single life, but they can sometimes feel intimidated into trying to find a partner because of pressures from friends and family members.

Well, if you are not in a relationship by choice or for any reason, you do not have to explain yourself to anyone. Whether or not you want to be single is your choice and nobody else's, so you do not have to feel like you have to talk about why you are single.

Whether You Have Kids

things you don't need to explain yourself for

Another important life choice people have to make is whether or not they want to have children and raise a family, and this is a very personal choice for couples. Some want to have children and others prefer not to – or may be unable to – have kids.

If you decide not to have children for whatever reason, this is your personal choice and one that you have every right to make. You should never feel as though you have to explain yourself about not having kids, as this is purely your choice.

Don't Feel Guilty About Not Explaining

things you don't need to explain yourself for

Some people may even feel guilty about not explaining themselves to certain aspects of their lives. Well, you should never feel guilty about this, as you do not have to explain yourself for every single thing that you do or say in your life.