Things You Can Tell About His Love Making Style From How He Kisses


The way a man manages fundamental aspects of intimacy can reveal much about how he manages more significant things. By examining a man's kissing technique, you can infer certain characteristics and anticipate his behavior in bed.

1. He Sticks To Quick Pecks, Even In Private

A man who is reserved when it comes to intimacy, or doesn't feel a strong connection to you, will kiss you in the same manner as he would kiss his grandmother. Therefore, it's reasonable to anticipate the relationship fizzling out rather than becoming passionate.

2. His Kisses Match Yours In Passion, And They're Actually Decent

This man appears to have invested time in improving his kissing skills, suggesting that he may be equally skilled in the bedroom. He is likely to prioritize your satisfaction and is genuinely interested in you. Additionally, he may possess a natural talent, which is also a positive attribute.

3. He's Blissfully Unaware That His Breath Stinks

Avoid any thought of performing oral sex on him due to his hygiene concerns.

4. His Lips Totally Swallow Yours

There are several issues with his kissing technique. Firstly, he lacks basic knowledge about it. Secondly, he doesn't seem to realize how messy it can be. Finally, he may not even notice how disgusted you look after wiping his drool from your face. All of these problems suggest that his skills in bed will likely be inadequate.

5. He's Overly Forceful With His Kisses

The positive aspect is that being intimate with him will undoubtedly be passionate. He appears to be deeply engrossed in the experience. However, the potential issue is that he may become too fixated on his own desires and disregard yours. Alternatively, he may not respect your boundaries and could have difficulty accepting rejection.

6. You Get The Feeling Like Kissing Is Just A Means To An End With Him

His forceful kissing and persistent groping indicate that he is highly aroused. However, it also implies that he may have a self-centered approach to sex. This type of behavior may suggest that he is more interested in using you for a brief physical encounter than anything more substantial. Furthermore, he may disregard your boundaries and lack respect for you. While he can provide intense, rough sex, it is likely to come at a cost.

7. He Takes His Time Teasing You

This behavior indicates that he is genuinely interested in you and is determined to satisfy you. He is attentive to your boundaries and is quick to respond to nonverbal cues. He is also clearly enjoying himself, and when it comes to sexual activity, he will strive to ensure that you are equally pleased. His goal is to leave you wanting more.

8. He Pulls Back

If you find that there is a significant gap between you and your partner's body during a kiss, it is not a promising sign. Unless he is intentionally trying to be playful, it suggests that he is not genuinely interested in you. It is unlikely that you will end up having sex with him.

9. You Have To Take The Lead When You Kiss

There are two possible interpretations of this behavior: either he lacks interest or passion, or he is extremely shy. It may be prudent to proceed cautiously with this individual to determine his intentions.

10. He Licks And Bites Rather Than Kisses

This guy exudes a primal energy that can be extremely alluring. If you are drawn to men who tap into their animalistic instincts in the bedroom, then he is definitely worth considering.