Things To Say To Show Your Man You Miss Him – Other Than 'I Miss You'

Things To Say To Show Your Man You Miss Him – Other Than ‘i Miss You’

When your partner is away for any length of time on business or for some other reason, it is only natural that you will miss him. Besides, the chances are that he is missing you, even if he has gone on an exciting vacation with other friends or family members. Some couples spend a lot of time calling or texting their partners to tell them how much they miss them when they are away. However, the words 'I miss you' can become a little mundane after a while if it is all you ever say, so why not think of other things to say?

Whether you decide to phone your partner up and talk to them or whether you choose to text them, there are lots of things you can say other than the simple 'I miss you'. With the right words, you can make your partner's day or give them something else to think about other than the fact they are away from you. If all you do is tell them how much you miss them, it could even leave them feeling guilty for being away and leaving you on your own, so in this article, we will look at other types of conversation and texts you can consider.

Some Types of Things to Say to Your Partner

There are lots of different types of things you can say to your partner, so all you need to do is decide what you feel comfortable with and what you feel your partner would like to hear. Some of the options include:

Tell Them About Your Day

Sometimes your partner may want something to take their mind off being away from you and saying how much you miss them could just make things worse. So, instead, tell them about your day or things that have been happening that they would be interested in. Engage them in conversation about something other than the fact that they are away and you are on your own.

Add a Little Spice

Another thing you can consider is to add a little spice to your conversation or texts, as this can definitely help to cheer the other person up – and it will make them want to get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, if you are not confident about having naughty conversations, you can use the other options, but this is always a good one if you want to give your partner something to look forward to when they return!

Talk About Plans

Rather than talking about how much you hate being on your own and how much you miss your partner, talk about what you will both do when your partner gets back. For instance, you could plan an exciting night out, book a restaurant for a romantic meal, or do something else you both enjoy. Again, this gives you both something to look forward to and will have a positive impact on your thinking rather than the negativity of being away from one another.

Look Forward to Their Return

With the right conversation, you can make your partner feel better while they are away from home, and you can both look forward to their return with lots of plans in place.