Things That Mature Woman Give No F*cks About

Things That Mature Woman Give No F*cks About

Women care about a lot of things, some of them important and some not so important. Mature women, however, only care about the most important things in their lives, which is why they have fewer problems and anxiety.

Are you an emotionally mature woman? Here are nine things mature women don't give a f*ck about:


Drama is for little girls. Mature women have experienced and moved past such things. They consider drama a distraction from the important things in life.


Most women enjoy being flattered, but mature women recognize it for what it is; A tool. Even though mature women enjoy being flattered every once in a while, they are also smart enough not to take compliments too seriously.

Little gifts

Little gifts and trinkets are nice, but commitment is better. Mature women appreciate thoughtful gifts, but they are also aware when such gifts are used as bribes or tools for manipulation, and they have no time for those things.

Playing games

Girls and immature women like to engage in little games to manipulate the people around them, and they expect their men to play along. As far as mature women are concerned, this sort of behavior is nothing more than a sophisticated form of immaturity.


Mature women like to know where they stand in regards to a relationship, and they do not want to fight other women over a man. They also don't want to fight their partners over other women. They understand that jealousy leads nowhere, which is why jealousy is not something that they indulge in. Either you love them, or you don't. Jealousy is just a distraction.

On and off relationships

On and off relationships are for women who don't know what they want, and desire to keep their options open. Mature women are not interested in this. Either they are in a relationship, or they are not. Anything less is a waste of time, and only makes their lives more complicated than they should be.

Extended fights

Even the best couples fight every now and then. It's just one of those things that everybody has to deal with once in a while, but only the most immature men and women allow fights to go on longer than they should. Mature women understand this, which is why they try to de-escalate conflict whenever it arises. They know that fights serve no purpose other than to cause friction between themselves and their partners.

They don't hold grudges

Many people hold grudges, but mature women don't. Although they can feel anger and resentment, they also know that holding grudges offers no real solutions. Holding a grudge feels nice for a while, but it doesn't offer anything else, which is why mature women don't bother with them.

They know how to commit

Finally, mature women know how to see things through. It's what separates them from flighty girls who don't know what they want from those women who know exactly what they want and are prepared to achieve it.