Things Strong, Fierce And Badass Womаn Shouldn't Give A F*ck About

Things Strong, Fierce And Badass Womаn Shouldn't Give A F*ck About

For centuries women have been downgraded by men, they have always lived in a male-dominated world. Especially during the early years, women in society were viewed as an object of producing babies and nothing more. As a matter of fact, in some African communities, women were so downgraded that they were counted as part of something men achieved, for example, a man would say he has a house, a cow, a farm, and a wife. However as time went by, people started realizing that women were as good as men and thus they should be treated with dignity and respect.

Women started going to school, and more women became enlightened. In modern-day society, women have begun to be the majority in schools; they have jobs that were previously strictly for men, and women leaders have emerged in large numbers. The world is starting to be a better place for women and to maintain that, here is a list of things strong women should stop giving a f*ck about. If you are a strong woman or aspiring to be one, this article will help you become the strongest, and you will be able to achieve as much as any man.

Stop worrying too much about past mistakes

It is quite reasonable for human beings to feel bad when something goes wrong or someone disappoints us. As a woman, you are bound to make mistakes, and it is totally okay; no one is perfect. The most important thing to do in such a situation is not to worry so much about that past mistake. Let the past errors remain in the past and as we all know, our past doesn't determine our future. Instead, you should be thinking of what to do next or how to move on.

Stop worrying about being in a toxic relationship

In this day and age, a woman can do anything a man does, if not better, so there is no need to be in a toxic relationship with a man who does not deserve you. If he continually breaks your heart and he promised never to, then he destroys your trust as well; as a strong woman, you should move on to show him that loyalty means a lot to you.

Stop worrying about other people's opinions

This is an essential skill a strong woman should have. You should have the capability of not caring about what other people say or think about you because by the end of the day the comments will still be opinions and everyone is entitled to them. It is really not that serious, just be yourself.

Stop worrying about conformity

This is another thing that strong women need to consider. If you are in a place where you have the freedom of speech, you should speak your mind without having to care about conformity. It is high time you told the world what you feel as long as you do not insight hate speech.

Stop worrying about having the perfect body

Having the perfect body is every woman's desire, but that should not be the case. As women, we think that we need perfect shapes, but in reality, we are only trying to please men. A true gentleman should love a lady precisely the way God made her. We should not waste our hard-earned money trying to look better with expensive plastic surgeries; it's just not worth it.

In modern-day society, women have been enlightened and are taking up that role wisely. We are now seeing females fight for the presidency, and even the leader of England is a woman (queen). It is high time we all become strong emotionally so that we maintain our new status in society.