They Might Seem Romantic, But Flowers Are The Worst Gift He Could Give You

Showing up with flowers at the door may have been an effective way of winning a woman's heart in the past, but nowadays, there are so many other gifts that we would truly appreciate. While it's easy to understand why men would opt for the most typical gift of all, it's time for them to start thinking outside the box and stop gifting us with the same old daisies and lilies. In reality, flowers are actually one of the worst gifts they could get us. Here's why:

1. They Take Two Seconds To Buy

If your boyfriend accidentally forgot your anniversary, he could always run to the nearest florist and buy you a bouquet of roses at the last minute. It would be an easy way to cover up his mistake. However, if he really wants to win your heart, he should get you something unique, something that shows he knows you and that he put some thought into it.

2. They Die Quickly

You won't be able to keep your flowers in a box and look back on them when you're older. They won't last very long, so you need to appreciate them while you can. Instead of buying flowers, your boyfriend should get you something that you can keep and cherish forever.

3. They Are Not Thoughtful

With flowers, he doesn't need to know that much about you. For a gift such as a dress, he needs to know your size and style. When it comes to flowers, he can simply choose the pretties arrangement.

4. They Are Associated With Death

Why would you want to receive flowers on a special day, like your birthday, when they're often associated with negative events like a man apologizing for a mistake or being in a hospital room while feeling sick?

5. They Need To Be Cared For

When it comes to gifts for women, practical items that can be worn around the house or used to simplify their lives are preferred. While flowers may make a lovely centerpiece, the downside is that they require maintenance. If they're not properly watered or placed in adequate sunlight, they'll wilt. Caring for a gift is just another task to add to one's to-do list.

6. They Have Strong Scents

For those of us with allergies, dealing with pollen outside is challenging enough. The last thing we need is floral scents trailing us inside our homes, which can be irritating even if they're pleasant.

7. Theye Are Impersonal

There's a chance that he has purchased the same flower arrangement for his past three girlfriends, and you wouldn't be aware of it. He may have even given you the same bouquet that he gave his mother. When it comes to flowers, there's no assurance that his gift was specifically selected for you.

8. They Are Cheap

While it's possible that he purchased a costly floral arrangement that set him back three figures, it's still a far cry from the cost of an extravagant ring. The amount he spends doesn't necessarily reflect how much he loves you, but that doesn't excuse being stingy.

9. They Need A Vase

Many men purchase flowers without carefully considering the gift. They may arrive with a bouquet wrapped in paper, but without a vase. If you don't have an empty vase in your home, it could be a problem.

10. They Are Predictable

The most delightful gifts are the ones that catch us off guard, while flowers are anticipated. That's why it's better for men to surprise us with something we could never have anticipated. It'll earn them far more credit than flowers ever could.