These Two Bros Defending Their Right To Hold House Parties In LA In A Court Is The Best Video Of The Year

These Two Bros Defending Their Right To Hold House Parties In La In A Court Is The Best Video Of The Year

In case you missed it, LA has recently thought it best to ban house parties due to excessive noise. However, the kids in LA won't allow this to happen without putting up a fight.

In fact, they are are willing to take proper legal channels to defend their right to have a good time.

As per the video below, these guys, who can rightly be described as total bros, show up in court to argue their case. Their goal is to ensure that house parties are not banned in the area.


To avoid any spoilers, it's better you watch it yourself so you get to hear firsthand what they had to say in defense of their cause.


It's surprising how eloquent and passionate these fellas are when defending the right to hold house parties, especially considering the silly topic they are trying to defend. They are almost too good at it, and they do a pretty good job of defending themselves.

Obviously, the whole thing is quite ridiculous, and luckily, the judge saw their sense of humor.

In fact, the judge's final statement was "thank you to Bill and Ted there." The deadpan humor was so on point.


The disappointing thing is that the video is not actually real. Chad and JT are actually comedians.

In other words, the two guys are not actually as enthusiastic about house parties as they make it seem in this hilarious video.

Still, that does not take away all the humor from the video, which is a great thing.

In their own way, these comedians have managed to show how powerful bro culture can be, and in a very unique way. That is why many people wish that the video was actually real.


Maybe it would have worked if he did not use Chad Kroeger as his name. Without a doubt, that gave away this elaborate prank, although the humor is still quite genuine.

Otherwise, if you were looking for one of the best videos in recent times, you can't go wrong with this comical masterpiece.