These Tragic Selfie Mistakes Turn Guys Off And Make You Look Insane


As you pose for the camera, attempting to capture your most seductive expression, something goes awry - you've just taken the worst selfie imaginable! It's important to be candid with you: those "sexy" faces you're making may be sending chills down the spines of not only guys, but also most women who aren't self-portrait enthusiasts. Although you may be trying to keep up with the latest Instagram trends or showcase your personality, please refrain from doing so. Consider how a man might feel if he comes across such a photo on a dating profile or while scrolling through social media. Making a few of these unfortunate selfie blunders may cause guys to have nightmares.

1. The duck face

The trend of making a duck face in photos is a timeless classic that seems to persist. Although I am unaware of who initiated it and do not have any concern, I do advise against attempting to exaggerate the shape of your lips to resemble a duck's bill, unless you are deliberately aiming for a comical selfie. This pose is not appealing. In all honesty, this pose is not attractive on anyone, at any time. However, it is possible that ducks might enjoy it.

2. The "Look, I'm driving!" selfie

Please refrain from reinforcing the stereotype that women are poor drivers by taking selfies while driving. Not only is it hazardous, but it is also unnecessary. No man desires to be in a romantic relationship with a woman who lacks responsibility to the extent of taking selfies behind the wheel. If you are so self-centered that you are unable to resist the urge to snap a photo while driving, then you are unlikely to give him the attention he deserves.

3. The shocked face

The only individuals taken aback by an odd facial expression in a photo are those who view it. Frankly, we are perplexed by your wide-open mouth and exaggeratedly wide eyes. This type of expression is unsettling to men, as it leads them to believe that it might be your reaction the first time you see them unclothed, which is not desirable.

4. Overdone or runny makeup

Performers on stage require additional makeup to ensure visibility to the audience. However, since your phone is inches away from your face, you do not need to wear as much makeup. In fact, it would be preferable if you wore less. Those selfies that are intended to be sexy, with excessive eye shadow and eyeliner, or even worse, the ones after a workout with smeared makeup, can be quite alarming. Most guys are not attracted to women who leave their faces imprinted on their pillows.

5. The selfie taken from above your head

Before sharing your selfies, it is recommended that you examine them carefully. Capturing selfies from an elevated angle, particularly to display cleavage, does not flatter anyone. It only emphasizes the size of your head and makes your body appear disproportionately small. This technique does not make you appear thinner; instead, it makes you look somewhat eccentric, which can be unappealing to men.

6. The desperate girlfriend smile

Many of us are familiar with the image of a clingy girlfriend depicted in a meme. When you attempt to force an excessively cheerful and needy expression in your selfies, it resembles that same image. Even though I'm not a guy, I still recoil from my screen when I come across such selfies. Frankly, it appears as if the smile is about to leap off the screen and attack me.

7. Anything Photoshopped

Unless you are an expert in image editing, it is preferable to avoid using Photoshop. It is usually evident when you attempt to manipulate your images to eliminate blemishes or make your lips appear fuller. While these attempts may be comical, they can also be unattractive to men.

8. The Miley Cyrus selfie

Your tongue belongs inside your mouth. No one is interested in witnessing how far you can protrude it out. It is not considered an attractive feature for women, so do not emulate it. Instead, it merely evokes thoughts of Gene Simmons, which is not what guys want to associate with women.

9. Having food in your teeth

It is essential to examine your appearance in a mirror prior to taking a selfie. Furthermore, it is advisable to review the selfie before sharing it. I cannot stress enough how many selfies I have witnessed where women had food particles lodged in their teeth. Unless you are doing it intentionally as a joke, ensure that your teeth are clean before capturing a selfie.

10. Selfies in strange places

It's time to say goodbye to bathroom selfies. I believe I don't have to explain this any further.

11. The way too revealing selfie

We all understand that you want to flaunt your cleavage and shrunken clothes. While some men may find it attractive, most perceive it as a sign of desperation or a desire for casual hookups rather than a relationship.

12. Trying to look intense

I understand that you believe this facial expression makes you appear sexy and intelligent, but more often than not, it resembles constipation. I have yet to come across someone who finds constipation appealing.

13. The "come hither" face

Instead of trying to make sexy facial expressions, just smile naturally for the camera. The more you attempt to pose with bedroom eyes, the more absurd it appears. If you must post such selfies, it is advisable to seek input from a male friend to ensure that it looks appropriate.

14. Adding extras to the picture

Consider where you're posting your selfie before including your pet or kids in the picture. While it might be okay for a casual social media post, having them in your dating profile won't necessarily improve your chances. After all, the purpose of a selfie is to showcase you, not your furry friend or offspring.

Making mistakes in selfies is common, but it's important to learn from them. By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes, you can take better selfies and improve your self-portrait game.