These Sex Stories Are Hilariously Naughty (19 Photos)

What is the craziest sex story you have ever heard? Here are stories that will leave you rolling in laughter.

Although these erotic encounters were quite naughty, they also had an unexpected twist that made them unforgettable. Check them out.

1. That Must Have Been Awkward

2. Painful Play Time

3. A "Hot" Makeout Session

4. An Unexpected Anticlimax

5. A Little Bedroom Accident

6. Husband Left Speechless

7. A Bloody Affair

8. An Unusual Way To Get An STI

9. No Idea What Is What

10. An Inside Joke

11. Mood Ruined For Five Years

12. Rougher Than Requested

13. A Strange Experience

14. A Sweat-soaked Romantic Encounter

15. A Romantic Night Ends In The Emergency Room

16. Figured Out A Way Out Of A Tight Situation

17. The Gag Reflex Fought Back

18. What A Graphic Description

19. Look On The Bright Side, It Can't Possibly Get Any Worse After That

It's crazy thinking about some of the strange things people have gone through while trying to have a love life.

Based on these stories, it is obvious that some people have been through a lot in their love lives. It's a good thing that some of these stories are incredibly funny.