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These New Nestle Toll Unicorn Morsels Just Made Biking Way More Fun And Magical

The unicorn craze, which began in 2017, is here to stay. Nestle Toll House is now making star-shaped unicorn sugar cookies with blue and pink swirled vanilla morsels.

If you're looking to add some little magic to your baking experience, Nestle Toll House' Unicorn Morsels' are here. They'll make your treats even more sweet and colorful.

With the unicorn trend still prevailing, these morsels might definitely become a new must-have ingredient in baking recipes.

Nestle Toll House Knows What They're Doing

Since unicorn is not a specific flavor, the company describe these morsels as "made with real vanilla."

And while Nestle Toll House Unicorn Morsels colors might be delightful, their flavor is quite incredible. Whether you want to use them in a cookie, brownie, cake, pancakes, or other sweet treats, these morsels are quite versatile.

It's Possibly Just a Matter of Time Before They Join the Unicorn Food Craze

These vanilla star-shaped morsels allow nearly all food toppings since vanilla flavors work well in many food recipes.

For instance, you can use unicorn morsels as an ice cream sundae topping or even sprinkle them into pancake batter.

The biggest lure to these Nestle Toll House Unicorn Morsels is their color. With swirls of blue and pink, they could add vibrant color to any dessert course.

Given how they stand out among the traditional sugar cookies, unicorn morsels could become a prevalent baking trend. They've begun appearing on store shelves, including online, and they're definitely photogenic.

These Dessert Chips are Drawing Huge Sales in the Market

Nestle Toll House Unicorn Morsels description reads:

"Add a MAGICAL twist to your everyday treats. Bake into your favorite cookies and brownies or top pancakes and cupcakes with our colorful morsels to bring unicorn wonder to your creation."

The colorful package of Unicorn Morsels comes in 10-ounce bags for around $2.97. These dessert chips are available at retailers, including "Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Target, and select regional grocery chains," according to FoodSided reports.

But currently, it looks like the only place you can get them is Walmart, which's a bummer because they're already sold out. Just get on the waiting list for Walmart's restock alert.

The package also has a recipe for Nestlé's Unicorn Magic Sugar Cookies on the back. And the brand included a friendly reminder that no morsels were harmed when making the "magical treat."

The Morsels Don't Contain Any Chocolate

They're made of sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Blue 1 Lake, Red 3, Soy Lecithin, Milk, and Vanilla Extract.

These new baking ingredients are examples of the many unicorn-themed foods available on the market. There's unicorn-shaped mac and cheese, and unicorn cereal, among others.

Unicorns appeal to all ages. There's something about these magical creatures that seem to bring smiles to people's faces.

If you can't control yourself from the temptations of eating them all before you start baking, you can put about 10 morsels in one cookie. Make your everyday deserts more appealing delicious with these colorful Unicorn Morsels.