These Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves Will Make You Look Twice

Robert Gonsalves, a Canadian artist, is famous for his mind-blowing optical illusion paintings. All his drawings have a fun way of twisting your perception and causing you to question if the paintings are real or not.

Most of his stunning drawings have an unclear boundary between the stories they tell, which forces every viewer to jump back and forth between them. They’re like an eye trick that changes form every time you look at them.

Robert was born in Toronto in 1959, and as a little child, he created “imagination-based drawings” using a variety of media. Growing up, he gradually gained interest in architecture, where he expressed his talent and passion by painting buildings.

When he grew familiar with the perspective techniques, after continuous practice, he started implementing it in his drawings.

His early optical paintings were inspired by the artworks of surrealist artists like Dali, Tanguy, Escher, and Magritte.

With so much experience, Robert is now able to create and make paintings with complexity, which will always leave everyone lost each time you look at the drawings.

Robert’s artwork is known as an expression of “Magic Realism,” and the paintings are intimately related to surrealism. This is because he uses a combination of fantasy and dream elements of the real world.

His works represent our everyday world but from an unusual point of view. He uncannily uses everyday world objects, adding a sense of magic in realistic scenes.

Explaining his artworks, Roberts said in a recent interview:

“Having a magical element in the composition, making it look convincing as if it could happen in three dimensions, is sort of focusing on that believable, realistic aspect.”

“I use illusion as a device to create a magical effect, as an expression of imagination, a sense of wonder, and magic.”

His paintings have a strong sense of freedom, proving imagination has the power to take us anywhere, beyond the limits of our ordinary world.

Check out the below paintings that’ll make you lost in time.