These Denim Panties Are The Worst Idea Fashion Has Had In A Long Time, And The Internet Is Losing It


Almost everyone knows that one of fashion's purposes is to break the rules, allowing new trends. But these 'jeans,' shaped like underwear, are taking things too far.

These panty-shaped jeans, well known as the 'Denim Panties,' have left the internet turned upside down.

One Section of Fashion That's Meant for Real Life

Trends come and go in all industries. But none is more so than the world of fashion.


Nothing surprises many people in their 40s more than seeing something they used to where as teenagers bounce back into fashion.

However, the world of fashion is not just an endless cycle of the same trends coming back after decades. This has been revealed perfectly by a clothing item that's trending in 2019's summer, the Denim Panties.

It's a pair of extremely revealing underwear-shaped jeans.


The Pieces are Often Impractical

Although it's more understandable that fashion plays in the limits of aesthetic, commercial strategies, comfort, or even common sense to come up with a new invention, these denim panties are quite alarming.

I bet the garment is neither comfortable, discreet, nor practical.

The social media critics started after SSENSE online retailer posted a picture of the shorts on Instagram, captioned "two words: Denim panties" in a post about how to "take your Canadian tuxedo to the next level."


The Design Looks Like it's Dying Inside

The denim garment is described as "denim brief-style shorts in the navy" on the SSENSE website.

The company's website states that the "brief-style shorts can be worn under or over pants," noting the underwear "doesn't need to stay under there."

The Garment is Overpriced

Due to the pricing on these wacky jeans, you're going to want to show them off at every opportunity you get, come rain or sunshine.


They have been invented by Y/Project and are retailing at $233.

I wouldn't pay such an amount for a full pair of jeans, let alone a tenth of the amount. In fact, who'd actually wear these high-waisted, "brief-style shorts" anyway? They're not even flattering.

Social Media Users Have Quickly Chimed in to Poke Fun at This 'Underwear'

One user commented on SSENSE's Instagram post:


"This def ain't it ladies."

Another added:

"Wow, these are just horrible."

On Twitter, one person wrote:

"I swear the fashion industry comes up with this [redacted] to see how far people will go to be fashion-forward, and then they all get together and laugh hysterically and roll around in the ridiculous amounts of money they make from it."

Another tweeter user said:


"I can't find [a] word that mixes disgusted, ashamed, and a little bit angry."

Yet another person said:

"But jeans are already uncomfortable...why on God's good earth would I go and buy underwear made out of denim?"

Other social media users wondered why and where anyone would wear the garments in real life.

One person asked, "to what occasion can you actually wear denim panties???" while another user asked simply, "where's your phone go?"


Another Twitter user pleaded with people saying that "for the sake of eyes everywhere, do NOT buy these!"

I can't look at this 'underwear' anymore!