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These Baby Grinch Dolls Will Make A Great Addition To Your Christmas Decor

These Baby Grinch Dolls Will Make A Great Addition To Your Christmas Decor

Can you believe that Christmas is less than four months away? Sure, there's plenty of time to set up the most wonderful Christmas, from choosing all the right ornaments to picking the best gifts.

But it's been another tough year, and these baby Grinch dolls might be just what you need to lift up your spirits.

Sure, they are seasonal, but who's to say you can't put them up and admire them, play with them, and even pick them up for early Christmas gifts?


These Babies Come With Outfits

Baby Grinch dolls come with blankets and seasonal outfits. You can pick your favorite, though they are all rather adorable.

The Etsy seller WorblaCrafts uses hand-painted techniques to create vivid and expressive dolls.

They are not small - a bit like an average newborn, as the description says:

"Fuzzy faux fur hair. Comes with its own Christmas outfit and baby blanket. 18 inches long. Cloth Weighted body. Head, hands, and feet handmade in semi-rigid solid plastic."


They Are Selling Out Like There's No Tomorrow

Though pricey, from 300 USD, these Baby Grinch dolls are selling out fast, so you better hurry and get yours. And while you're at it, check out the adorable Baby Yoda.

Jenna Pavlic, the owner of WorblaCrafts, confirmed that she is making October orders already, and we are still in August!

Some people think of them as timeless dolls that will go from one to the next generation. Others just want to stare at their big eyes and think of the jolliest season.


And do not worry, since the seller has the highest marks and you can check out photos the happy customers took. It is not a waste of money if it brings you joy!