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These Are The States That Drink The Most Beer

these are the states that drink the most beer

There are plenty of lists out there about the most beautiful states, but do you ever wonder which state drinks the most beer? At 24/7 Wall St, they took matters into their own hands: here are the nine states that top that list.

Using data from Beer Marketer's Insights, 24/7 Wall St researched "the volume of beer sold per drinking-age adult in each state". Additionally, they took into account the differences in beer consumption from 2011 to 2015. They then completed the study with data about binge drinking and alcohol-related driving deaths.


New Hampshire gets the crown

The results show that New Hampshire is the state consuming the most beer. There, the average adult drinks almost a pint a day, for a total of 43.0 gallons of beer consumed in 2015. Moreover, New Hampshire ranked 17th in binge drinking and 23rd in driving deaths linked to alcohol.

Interestingly, 24/7 Wall St highlights that:


"New Hampshire is one of only four states with no sales tax. As a result, per capita, beer consumption in the state may be skewed, as residents of neighboring states — Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont — may travel to New Hampshire to save on their beer purchases."

It is possible, then, that Maine and Vermont - respectively at number 8 and 5 in - should have reached a higher position in the list.


The other states consuming lots of beer

Following New Hampshire, people in North Dakota drink 40.0 gallons of beer per year, in Montana 39.7, in South Dakota 38.7, in Vermont and Wisconsin 35.7, in Nevada 34.2, in Maine 34.1, and finally in Nebraska 34.0.

In other words, while people in New Hampshire drink a beer per day, in Nebraska they drink about five each week. After all, to truly enjoy life's little pleasures, one can use some restraint.