These Are The 7 Things That Happy People Don't Care About

These Are The 7 Things That Happy People Don’t Care About

Being happy doesn't happen overnight and it does take a lot of hard work. But there are some things that the truly happy people out there do differently. They break the rules of expectation and it makes them happier. If you want to be happy in this life - and you only have one so make it count - here are the 7 things that happy people don't care about.

What Others Think

When happy people go to bed, they don't lie awake thinking about what people think of them. No, they're thinking about the things they are grateful for and being appreciative of them. They do not worry about the expectations of others or how they're being judged. They are happy with who they are and what their lives are to them, so they are excluding others' opinions from their thoughts.

Past Mistakes

If there is one thing that happy people do not hold onto it is mistakes that they made in the past. That is a shortcut to unhappiness and bitterness. Sure, past mistakes are unpleasant, but there is no point in lingering on them. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, happy folk learn from them and move on. Use what mistakes you made and grow to become a better person.


Yes, failures can make us feel pretty bad about ourselves, but there really is no point in focusing on them. This is just like past mistakes - don't linger on what you did wrong. You're only human and shouldn't dwell on your failures. They are in your past and that is where you should leave them. As long as you learn from your past behavior, you really shouldn't be focused on what's over.

What You Don't Have

Happy people do not look at what others have and compare it to what they don't have. Instead, they appreciate what they have and work hard for what they want. They don't fixate on the achievements or possessions of others. They rather enjoy what they have and dream their own dreams.

Living For Tomorrows

Happy people don't think they will only be happy once they have bought a specific item or earned a bonus/promotion, achieved something specific. They live for the happiness of the moment. Any happiness that comes their way in the future is like a cherry on top of the moist chocolate cake.


Everyone has regrets, but similar to failures and mistakes, you shouldn't be stuck in the past. Focus on the good things that you have achieved in your life and try not to get drafted into the plains of the past. It's okay to have regrets - it's part of life - but don't let them become a focal point in your mind.

Society's Expectations

This forms part of not caring about what people think of you. Just because you are expected to have met certain milestones doesn't mean it's a disaster if you haven't. Every person's life is their own and their happiness should be influenced by their own expectations.

Just because you're not able to fit into a specific mold does not mean you can't be happy. Embrace everything that is special about you - we're sure there is plenty - and focus on making the most of the one life that you have.