These Are The 12 Archangels Of The Zodiac

These Are The 12 Archangels Of The Zodiac

If you have some knowledge of religion and philosophy, then odds are that you know that an overarching order governs the universe.

Things Happen At Their Appointed Time, And There Are No Coincidences

Everything is part of a master plan.

Your birth was part of this grand plan, and it was specifically chosen to ensure that you fulfilled your purpose in life.


Why do you think the zodiac has 12 signs? Do you think it's a coincidence that each sign coincides with a solar cycle?

Absolutely not!

Each of these signs has a connection to 12 constellations, each of which is then linked with an Archangel that watches over those born under these signs.

But don't get it twisted. There is a difference between an archangel and a guardian angel.


The guardian angel is yours alone, but the archangel watches over us all. You can get help from both.

1. Aries: Ariel, "The Lioness of God"

Archangel Ariel is also known as the healing angel of nature, and she helps humans have a connection to nature, both physically and metaphysically. For those interested in making a career in environment and ecology, Ariel is there to help out.


2. Taurus: Chamuel, "He Who Sees God"

In relationships, Chamuel the archangel brings inner peace and harmony. He also goes by the name "finding angel" as he can help you out when you lose something.

3. Gemini: Zadkiel, "The Righteousness of God"

Also known as the angel of forgiveness, Zadkiel is there to help those who find it hard to move on after being hurt by someone.


4. Cancer: Gabriel "Strength of God"

If you need help delivering an important message, then Gabriel is the archangel you need. He can also help you become a better parent.

5. Leo: Raziel, "The Secrets of God"

As the name suggests, this is the angel who reveals God's secrets to us mortals. The angel can show you what purpose you have in this life and help you follow the best path in life. So, if you have any important existential questions, Raziel can help you answer them.


6. Virgo: Metatron, "Lesser YHVH"

Also called Metatron's Cube, this angel helps to heal and lose bad energies. The mysteries of the spiritual universe are also revealed by this angel.

7. Libra: Jophiel, "Beauty of God"

Also called the "Feng shui angel", Jophiel is the angel that helps you make your thoughts and environment beautiful. So, when you feel overwhelmed by clutter, this is the angel to help you sort things out.


8. Scorpio: Jeremiel, "Mercy of God"

This angel offers guidance so you choose the best paths in life.

9. Sagittarius: Raguel, "Friend of God"

This angel brings peace and harmony when dealing with conflicts. So, whenever disagreements happen, this angel can help you sort out the mess.


10. Capricorn: Azrael, "Whom God Helps"

Azreal is also known as the "angel of death", but for a good reason because he consoles those who are going through grief.

11. Aquarius: Uriel, "The Light of God"

Also known as the "intellectual angel", Uriel helps you form creative solutions when faced with various challenges.


12. Pisces: Sandalphon, "Brother"

This angel serves the role of delivering messages to God and is, therefore, the angel to call upon when you have an earnest prayer you need to be answered.

You probably didn't know you had an archangel just for your zodiac sign. These archangels can help you through many situations in life, especially those specifically meant for your star sign. Pretty cool, right?