These 7 "Unhealthy" Behaviors Are Actually Healthy

These 7 “unhealthy” Behaviors Are Actually Healthy

Everywhere you go, there is a lot of talk about remaining positive no matter what and not giving negative thoughts a place in your life. While I am sure those pushing this agenda mean well, they are also missing the fact that some so-called "unhealthy" behaviors are very healthy.

For instance:

1. Crying

Crying is very natural when you feel bad or are upset by something. Many people avoid crying over situations and people they deem "unworthy" of their tears.

But crying has more to do with you than the situation or the person who caused you to cry.

Crying makes you feel good, and you should see it just as you see laughing, yawning, and other ways of expressing yourself nonverbally.

2. Tuning People Out

People today want to talk and talk and they expect you to listen and eat up everything they say.

But guess what? You don't have to even listen to them, let alone do what they recommend.

If someone has never had anything positive to say about you, and they always make you feel worse with their words, then you have every reason to stop listening to them.

But obviously, this is up to you. You get to decide if someone is worth listening to or not.

The important thing to understand is that you have a choice in the matter.

3. Getting Upset

Yes, anger is to be avoided and controlled, because it's an ugly trait. But when the emotion hits you, let it out. Don't bottle up the ill feelings to where they eat you from the inside.

Personally, I recommend that you use that anger in a positive manner. And while at it, learn to express it positively.

4. Breaking The Rules

Some people believe in never rocking the boat by questioning anything or breaking whatever rules have been put into place. While rules like eating a healthy diet are to be followed strictly, some rules should never restrict you.

For instance, no one has a right to demand attention from you and give you a hard time when you don't.

5. Feeling Lost

While we are always encouraged to be strong and go after what we want because we know what we want and deserve in this life, the truth is that we often feel lost.

But by losing yourself, you are getting an opportunity to find yourself and think about the path you have been on. That's a positive thing.

6. Being Different

Many people try to fit in, which is okay as it enhances social cohesion. However, that does not mean you have to do whatever they say you should just to accommodate their wishes.

Your wishes should come first, and you can be different if that is what it takes to make them come true.

7. Being On Your Own

We are social creatures, and nobody is denying that. But that's not to say you have to be with someone by your side at all costs.

In fact, sometimes we desperately need some alone time to reorganize ourselves and figure some things out. So, never feel guilty for wanting some time alone, and if someone needs some time to themselves, let them.

Here, we are not bashing positivity or saying you should not pursue it. But as you seek a healthier life, there are lines you should never cross.

At the end of the day, some of these "unhealthy" behaviors and traits actually enrich your life. So, learn to embrace them.