These 7 Things Will Change When You Finally Date A Real Man

These 7 Things Will Change When You Finally Date A Real Man

Dating a man who is not man enough keeps you on the losing end. But, when you finally meet that one person who gives his all and makes you feel loved and respected - jackpot!!!

Right from the start, you will know where you stand

A real man makes his intentions clear from the start letting you know where your relationship is headed.

He doesn't send mixed signals. He is honest, straightforward and would never play with your heart.

In his company, you feel safe and relaxed because you know exactly where you stand with each other.

His Yes Means Yes

A real man doesn't say one thing and mean the other. He is not a liar.

He is committed. If he promises to be at the lounge by 6, he is there at 5:55. If you have an exhibition, he shows up and on time.

He keeps to his promises and when he isn't able to, you can feel his disappointment in himself even though he has a good reason for it.

He doesn't hide his baggage

Has he been through a bad breakup, a divorce, or has a personality defect? He comes clean.

From the very start, he lays his cards bare so you can see what there is to see and decide to get on or get off.

Of course, we can't learn all there is to a person just by what they tell us. But anything that could threaten the peace and growth of your relationship should be discovered early.

A real man who intends for your relationship to progress will let you know what's up early enough. He wants you to accept all of him, faults and glory.

He respects you and your decisions

Respect is key in any relationship. A lack of it has been the reason for many breakups.

A real man will respect you, your feelings, your body, your family, friends, and privacy.

He also respects boundaries set by both of you. If you both agree never to use abusive speech no matter how angry you are at each other, he respects that. When such situations come up, he will never do such.

He encourages you

He is your hypeman. When you feel that something is impossible, he helps you see the possibility of impossibility.

Set a goal and he's right beside you urging you on. When you feel like stopping before you even start, he is your ignition. That's a real man.

He doesn't hamper your efforts. He propels them.

He has realistic expectations

You are not expected to do more than you can. Your best is appreciated and where you are lacking is complemented.

You are not expected to be perfect.

He realizes that you have shortcomings just as he does.

He appreciates your opinion

Before he makes a decision, he consults with you. As the man, he could make the decision and inform you later. But, reaching out to you first shows how much he values your input.

A real man knows that treating his woman right keeps her with him and makes him a keeper.

Hence, find yourself a real man and watch your life transform. Everything becomes more beautiful.