These 6 Phrases Beat Saying "I Love You"

These 6 Phrases Beat Saying “i Love You”

Often, saying "I love you" means everything. Then are times when saying any of the following 6 phrases says even more.

1. I Love Myself

You didn't expect that, did you? Loving yourself is more important than loving others. In fact, you cannot love anyone if you can't love yourself. And we are not talking about selfishness, but total acceptance of who you are and having a healthy desire to better yourself.

At the end of the day, loving someone else is accepting them and wanting the best for them, and you can't do that for anybody if you can't do it for yourself.

2. Thank You

Gratitude is one of the best things you can express to those around you. It shows you truly care, and you bring positive feelings to those around you by being appreciative. It also offers people they mean a lot to you in ways saying "I love you" might not.

3. I Forgive You

Not many people have the ability to forgive and let go. Yet forgiveness and mercy are among the most valuable traits you can find in someone. So, if your relationship is suffering because of wrongs done, let the other party know that you forgive them.

Obviously, forgiving someone does not give you an obligation to go back to the way things are. That's a different issue altogether. You can forgive even if the relationship is broken beyond repair.

4. That Was In The Past

Someone wronged you. It happens. But they probably think you still carry a grudge against them, and they keep bringing up the issue from time to time.

You can tell them that what happened is long forgotten and that you can move on with your lives with nothing holding you back. This phrase reassures them they should no longer feel guilty over what happened and should instead move on with their lives.

5. You Can Do It

We all need someone to believe in us, even when we don't believe in ourselves. So, whenever you get a chance to give someone a confidence boost, don't waste the opportunity. It might mean a lot more to them than telling them how much you love them.

It does not matter if they succeed or not. People need the assurance that it's worth chasing important goals and dreams in life.

6. I Wish You All The Best

It's always good to wish people all the best in what they do. Such words motivate them and push them forward towards their goals in life, and we can all benefit from that. So, to your friends about to begin a new journey in life, learn to tell them how much you wish them success. It will mean a lot more under the circumstances than a simple "I love you."

Don't get me wrong, there are no words in the world that can replace the three magic words, "I love you." But these words have their place and time. Usually, sometimes the above six phrases will mean more than "I love you." Learn to use them regularly and watch your life and the lives of those around you improve.