These 12 Signs Prove You're Among The 144,000 Lightworkers That Will Save The World According To Prophecy

These 12 Signs Prove You’re Among The 144,000 Lightworkers That Will Save The World According To Prophecy

In the book of Revelation, and yes, in the sacred Emerald Tablets also, there is a prophecy about 144,000 lightworkers who will keep the world from the hands of dark forces when the end times come. This is actually happening as we speak, and the said lightworkers are now among us.

Heck, you might even be one of them. But you might not know it.

According to psychics and spiritual teachers, deep within us are cellular memories that will come alive during this time. This ability will awake in us this deep spiritual purpose and push us towards this noble larger-than-life goal.

And if you were looking for signs you are among these lightworkers, then lookout for these signs.

1.Opposition To Injustice

A lightworker will not allow injustices to happen around them. They are always ready to step up and help.

So, if you naturally understand the need to treat other people fairly, then you might be one of the 144 thousand lightworkers.

2.They Are Overly Empathetic

These people easily understand other people's emotions and will usually get anxious, depressed or suffer compassion fatigue over the plight of others. If you have this trait, watch out, you might be a lightworker.

3.They Try To Make Others Happy

Through a sense of humor and simple acts of kindness, these people make an effort to make the lives of other people happier. Does this sound like you?

4.They Know Their Intuition

Few people are as attuned to their intuitions as lightworkers are. They understand things naturally and without getting that information from any outside source.

5.An Unusually Profound Understanding Of Spiritual Concepts

Lightworkers understand spirituality easily. To them, this is like second nature.

6.Deep Love For Other People

Everyone finds some people difficult to be around, especially fake and uncaring people.

But that does not keep this person from loving such people. Their love runs too deep, and it naturally flows from their hearts to those around them.

A lightworker will often identify with a superhero or heroic character in the world. And it's not just when they are kids and obsessed with comic book characters, but also when they are adults.

So, it's not that you haven't grown up already that you still draw parallels between you and superheroes. It could be because you share an equally grand life purpose.

8.Easily Connected To Animals

Lightworkers love animals, and the animals seem drawn to them in some strange way. It is like the two understand each other.

These people will also not allow animals to be treated unfairly, and will often stand up for them.

Is this true about you?

9.They Inspire

No, they don't do it on purpose. However, when you spend your time around these people, you will feel inspired and willing to better yourself.

Around this person, you will easily become the best version of yourself.

10.They Can Make Contradictions Work

Ever met someone who seems to make two impossible points of view work? Maybe it's you.

If you are one of the chosen lightworkers, you will have an easy time merging deep spirituality and science, for instance.

11.They Are Natural Healers

With their intense love and positive energy, it's pretty natural that one of these special people has within them immense powers of healing.

They make other people heal their wounds, and they can erase negativity from people's lives.

12.They Know They Are Meant For Greatness

This person will go through life, knowing that they are part of something much bigger than their own ambitions and goals in life. They cannot see it or have any evidence of it, but they can feel it deeply in their hearts.

So, do you think you are one of the 144,000 lightworkers? You could be if you can confirm each of the above signs to be true about you.

If so, you now understand why you feel a desire for a purpose that extends beyond your ambitions and why people feel better around you. It's because you are one of the 144,000 lightworkers prophecies talk about.