These 11 Things Will Tell You If He's A Gentleman

A man can exhibit gentlemanly behavior through traditional or modern actions, but the essence of class remains timeless. Determine if the man you're interested in is a worthwhile candidate by observing these indications.

1. He Puts His Phone Away When He's Out With You

Paying attention to what you have to say is a sign of interest from him. Who would enjoy spending time with someone who disregards their presence?

2. He Holds The Door Open For You

Despite controversy, holding the door open for a lady is a simple gesture of respect and gratitude. On the contrary, entering ahead of her is impolite and places himself before her.

3. He Pays

Let's be honest, women deserve to have the man pay on the date. Often, women spend more money and time preparing for the date. As such, a man treating his date to dinner isn't too much to ask, is it?

4. He Keeps The Cussing To A Minimum

Swearing is appropriate in certain settings, such as at a poker game or pool hall. However, it is impolite to curse in front of a sophisticated lady on a date. Show respect and refrain from doing so.

5. He Notices Your Hair

And don't forget about your shoes. A true gentleman is observant, and if he pays attention, he will be more considerate and complimentary. A well-raised man understands the significance of a lady's hair and footwear. If he notices and compliments you on how stunning you look while rocking those Louboutins, then he is someone worth keeping.

6. He Offers To Drive

Driving may seem like a job for the man, but a true gentleman will never impose his desire to drive on you. He will be perfectly comfortable with you being behind the wheel, indicating that he is not a controlling person. This quality is very attractive and adds to his appeal. Nevertheless, a gentleman should always offer to do many things, including driving, without being asked.

7. He's On Time

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we set up meetings and dates. While this has made things easier, it is important to remember that punctuality is still crucial. When a man agrees to meet you for a date, it is a bad sign if he shows up late. This lack of respect for your time and his own suggests that he is not conscientious and does not value you as he should.

8. He's Kind

A true gentleman shows respect not only to his date but to everyone around him. How he treats the waitstaff and valet is a good indication of his character. If he bosses people around or shows any sign of pettiness, it makes him look weak and is a classless move. A gentleman should treat everyone with dignity and respect.

9. He Pumps The Gas

Every now and then, you may need to stop for gas on a date. When that happens, a gentleman will take care of it and fill up the tank. This is a simple act of courtesy that shouldn't be a point of contention between the two of you.

10. He Offers You His Coat

An act of chivalry that never goes out of style is a man offering his jacket to a woman when it's chilly outside. A gentleman will even carry his jacket specifically for this purpose. This gesture shows that he is thoughtful and considerate, which are qualities that are attractive and appreciated.


Holding the door open for a lady is a timeless tradition, but when it comes to revolving doors, there's a little-known rule. It is considered polite for the man to enter the door first, allowing the lady to follow. Once inside, the gentleman should step aside and allow the lady to exit first. A man who knows and practices this rule is a sign that he was raised well and is a true gentleman.