There's Nothing Wrong With Talking To Your Pet, Science Says It's A Sign Of Intelligence

There’s Nothing Wrong With Talking To Your Pet, Science Says It’s A Sign Of Intelligence

If you talk to your pet, then you probably don't want people to catch you doing it. Like them, you believe that on some level, that's crazy.

Science has come to change that perception.

Crazy As It Sounds, Talking To Your Pet Is A Sign Of Intelligence

So, don't be afraid to pour your heart out to your furry friend. Tell him why your day has been so tough today. Tell him why he cannot have that brand of toy food anymore.

You are not crazy; you are smart. So says science. And when science speaks, all other theories have no voice.

So, people who ruthlessly push the "crazy cat lady" theory are just hating. What's crazy is NOT talking to your pet, because it implies the opposite of intelligence.

Talking To Things And Animals Other Than Humans Is Not Crazy

You have seen people scream at their phones, televisions, computers; the rain… the list goes on and on.

These people are not quirky. They have higher intelligence.

For years, people have acted towards things and animals as they should only to people.

For instance, what benefit is there to talking to your car and giving it a name? It will never respond to you, right?

To Many People, It Looks Childish Talking To Things

And it's because kids anthropomorphize things all the time.

They name their toys and talk to them. They will even explain that these toys are angry or happy, and you think they are just being kids.

So, when an adult does the same thing, we think they are a little off.

Society thinks you should have outgrown that stage by now.

But Nicholas Epley, a behavioral science expert from the University of Chicago says this is both tragic and unfortunate.

He thinks it is mistaken to have such thoughts about people who talk to their pets.

Because, while many people think it's a sign of stupidity, it is in fact a sign of intelligence.

Think About It

On some level, being able to talk to your dog about certain things, such as saying comforting words when it gets fidgety as you are leaving for work, shows you are good at understanding its psychology and its intentions.

That's a sign of intelligence, and only empathetic and sensitive people can have such qualities.

Obviously, trying to have a meaningful conversation with a cat might be a little over the line. But a few words should not arouse any concerns about a person's mental abilities.

So, if you suspected you were crazy for always talking to your pets, you now know better.

The practice shows you are intelligent, have high emotional intelligence, and are also sensitive.

I am not saying you should do it out in public. That would still earn you weird looks and have people wanting to keep their distance. But when it's just you and your pet, chat away!