There's A Wine Theme Park, And You Should Visit It ASAP

There’s A Wine Theme Park, And You Should Visit It Asap

Are you a wine lover? If yes, then you are probably aware that there are lots of people like you. And you have to admit. There is no better feeling than sipping on a glass of pinot grigio after a long day.

I bet this is many people's idea of a good time, which is why you need to know more about a wine-theme park that now exists. This is the place to be if you want to bring your wine-related fantasies to life, and for a couple of compelling reasons.

there's a wine theme park, and you should visit it asap


That's French for the City of Wine. You have to admit, that is quite an apt description for this amazing park. The park is located in Bordeaux in France. This place already has an amazing reputation for being a world-renowned wine territory. That, you have to agree, makes it the best first location for the first wine theme park ever. Creating this one-of-a-kind theme park was not cheap either, as a whopping 80 million euros went into the project. It's not every day you see someone get so serious about wine, and that is something a true wine lover would certainly appreciate.


Unlike your regular theme park, which comes with a lot of crazy rides you can take, that will not be your experience when you visit the wine theme park in France. You will be in for a ride of your life all right, but it will have everything to do with having time to sample hundreds of wines from over 70 countries. If that is not wild, I don't know what is.

But on second thought, there is no reason to bemoan the fact that you might not get to ride a roller-coaster on this theme park, given the poor relationship drinking has with such kinds of activities. But no, you will not get bored touring this theme park. The only real concern you should have is getting too carried away.

there's a wine theme park, and you should visit it asap


A lot of effort and creativity went into creating this theme park, and you will be amazed at the impressive number of exhibits at the venue. Of course, all these displays are wine-themed. For instance, there is a boat ride of some kind. But it might seem peculiar to you, although it is totally relevant to the basic premise behind this theme park. In particular, this boat ride should give you an idea of what it was like being a wine merchant in the past. On top of that, you can actually enjoy the ride.

But here's the thing, there is a lot to experience when visiting this theme park, and a day will not be enough for you to explore everything they have to offer.

And so, there you have it, a theme-park created exclusively for wine lovers like yourself. You will certainly enjoy yourself, and it'll be quite a thrilling experience for you. I can already imagine the sound of wine glasses clinking and cheery laughter from theme park visitors to the La Cité du Vin in my head...