There's A Treasure Chest Worth Millions Hidden Somewhere In The Rocky Mountains. These Searchers Are Dedicating Their Lives And Savings To Finding It

A millionaire, now 88, buried a treasure in the Rocky Mountains, and he has offered one main clue.

Cynthia Meacham lost her job in 2015, but it turned to be the best day of her life. She was close to retirement from her profession as a field service engineer in a semiconductor company.

To her, getting her retirement meant that it was the long-awaited perfect time for her to find Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure. A treasure that is worth millions.


Meachum prepared her "war room" in her Rio Rancho home, New Mexico. The walls of the rooms are covered with maps of the Yellow National Park and other nearby forests.

She also secured valuable information and data resources that'll help her locate Fenn's treasure. Some of the resources she uses include manuals on fly fishing in Montana, connections to the international community of searchers, and the domain.


It's time for her discovery.

Meachum said:

"As soon as I walked out of that conference room, the first person I called was my spouse. And the second person I told was Forrest Fenn."

It wasn't something she could talk about at the water cooler because the element of the Fenn's treasure hunt sounds like something out of a fairy tale.

The clues of the treasure are in a poem written by an elderly collector, a chest of jewels concealed somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and many people have been looking for it.


Though some people view it as only a fantasy, for Fenn's treasure searchers like Meachum, the theory of the treasure is more than a myth.

The hunt requires real dedication and money. From booking hotel rooms, hiking boots, and durable hiking bags to carry your search tools, the costs can be high.

According to Meachum, she spent over $10,000 last year in the chase. But to her, this amount is just a small figure comparing to the "incredible adventure" that's unfolding. And nothing will stop her from fulfilling her passion.


Many of Fenn's treasure searchers are making the hunt part of their lifestyle. Always thinking about the plans and dreaming about the treasure. They're doing everything they can to ensure they'll turn out to be the lucky ones to locate the treasure.

However, to some people, the hunt is becoming an expensive obsession.

Meachum reported:

"That damn poem that Forrest wrote gets in your blood and in your head. The problem is, you don't know if you've solved it until you've found the treasure. That's what keeps us in the game."


Many people are joining the hunt for Fenn's treasure. By 2018, an estimation of about 350,000 people had searched for the chest, which is worth up to $5 million. But the treasure still remains hidden.