There's A Rejection Hotline That Tells Creepy Dudes To GTFO

When a guy asks for your number and you're not interested, it can be frustrating and even make you feel unsafe. Instead of giving in and giving them your number, you can use a rejection hotline that will tell them to leave you alone on your behalf.

1. Welcome to the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline

If you're faced with a creepy guy asking for your number, you can give them the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline number (646) 926-6614 instead. This hotline is created by The Mary Sue, a feminist website and community, to help you avoid uncomfortable situations.

2. Good riddance, loser

When the guy calls the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline number, he will be greeted with a voicemail message that states: "Oh hello there. If you're hearing this message, you've made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women's emotional and physical autonomy. K THANKKS!" This message aims to educate the caller on the importance of respecting women's boundaries.

3. It works via text too

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline service works for text messages as well. If a guy texts you instead of calling, the same message will be sent to his phone as a text message, reminding him to respect women's boundaries and autonomy. This service provides a clever solution for those who prefer to communicate via text.

4. It's a game changer

While there have been other rejection hotlines in the past, the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline is unique in that it provides advice for men on how to improve their behavior and treat women with respect. It is the first hotline to actively educate men on respecting women's boundaries and autonomy.

5. It's a way for you to speak your mind

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline is particularly effective because it makes it clear that the problem lies with men who make women feel uncomfortable. These men can cause women to feel upset, angry and uncomfortable. The hotline delivers this message clearly and directly, providing a useful tool for women to use when they may not feel comfortable addressing these issues directly with the person who is bothering them.

6. No, it's not a copout

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline may be seen as a form of defense for women, but it is important to understand that it is a response to the persistent, rude, and sometimes insulting behavior that many women experience on a daily basis. Telling a man that his actions are creepy or crossing a line can often result in being called "crazy" or "bitch", instead of being taken seriously. This hotline provides a way for women to assert their boundaries without having to engage with these types of men or put themselves in unsafe situations.

7. Sometimes "no" doesn't work in real life

Unfortunately, we live in a society where some men do not understand the concept of consent and do not care about the impact their actions have on women. In these situations, services like the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline can be a powerful tool to help women assert their boundaries and make it clear that their feelings and safety are being disregarded. It sends a message to the offender that their actions are unacceptable and could make them think twice before behaving that way again with other women in the future.

8. Its texting service has your safety in mind

When a guy calls the Mary Sue rejection hotline number, he will immediately be connected to the voicemail message. If he texts you, the service waits an hour to text the guy after he's sent a message, giving you time to leave the situation before he texts you. If the guy checks that you've given him the right number by calling you while you're still in his presence, you could tell him that your phone battery is dead, so he won't know you've given him the fake number until later when he calls you at two in the morning. This way, he'll get a surprise and hopefully understand the message.

9. Women are feeling unsafe

As stated by The Mary Sue on their website, the hotline was created to address the issue of safety and comfort of their readers in certain situations. They have received messages and comments from readers about feeling unsafe, and some have even directed men who have bothered them to their site or Facebook. With this in mind, The Mary Sue created the rejection hotline as a way to do more and help readers assert their boundaries while also teaching a lesson to the offender.

10. The hotline is already a hit

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline was well received by people. Within the first week of operation, it received 2,300 texts and over 1,000 calls, showing that it was a useful tool for many people. The hotline also inspired a French version, demonstrating that harassment is a global issue that needs to be addressed.

11. How guys have responded to the rejection

Since the hotline was launched, the Mary Sue staff have received many messages from men who thought they were texting the woman who gave them her number. Some of these men were aggressive, as reported on the Mary Sue website. Some of the men did not understand the rejection message until they received the hotline's voicemail. Unfortunately, some of the men sent inappropriate messages or images. Responses from the men who received the message were mixed, some got angry or confused, some denied their actions were wrong, but some did apologize, indicating that there is hope for change.