There's A Reason Why God Brings You Closer To Certain People And Then Lets Them Go

There’s A Reason Why God Brings You Closer To Certain People And Then Lets Them Go

Throughout your life, you will meet many different people. Some of them will remain strangers, a few will steal your heart, and others will become an important part of your life. There will be times when you wish you hadn't met a person and other times when you can't imagine your life without someone very special to you, but the unfortunate truth is that most of the time, people don't stay with us forever. People we thought we'd spend the rest of our lives with are just gone in a blink of an eye. Why is this happening? Why does God bring certain people our way and then take them back?

Everything in this world happens for a reason. There is always a reason why you meet the people you do. Most of the people you meet are temporary. They come to your life for the sole person of teaching you a lesson. However small or big this lesson might be, it will definitely help you throughout your life. Because of these people, you will be able to avoid repeating a mistake or taking a wrong direction in the future. These people will not have the greatest impact on your life but the lesson they will teach you will be valuable.

Then, some people will be in your heart forever. Those who you will never forget, and whose impact will stay with you until the very end. God sent you these people to help you grow. They entered your world, to expand your horizons and make you see things differently. These people are the ones who will guide you in the right direction and will contribute to your spiritual awakening.

In addition, some people will never leave your side. These are your companions in life, the ones who will advise you, share your happiness, and pick you up when you are down. Without those people, life would be sad and lonely. With them, you will go through this wonderful journey of life, sharing wisdom, love, and hope. These people will eventually become not part of your life but your life itself.

We, ourselves, attract certain people into our lives. If we are sad or lost, we will attract people who are going through the same thing or were in that place in the past. People who will help us overcome the difficulty and move forward. If we are happy and thinking positively we will be attracted by people with the same mindset or by those who need positivity in their lives. We are here as well to impact others and tax them something.

Do not forget though; when a person leaves, you have to let go. Staying attached to a person that is no longer with you is harmful to yourself. It prevents you from meeting the ones you really need in your life, the ones that will elevate your spirit and will lead you to your best life. When God takes away someone from you, it means that he/she doesn't have anything more to give you. Their job is done. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you will be free. Don't take anybody for granted and try to be the best version of yourself. Not only to inspire, heal and elevate others, but also to become a step closer to God.