There's A Real-Life Smurf Village And You Can Visit It

The Smurfs are widely recognized by people. Regardless of whether you were exposed to the animated series during the 1980s or have only encountered them in more recent films, it's likely that you're acquainted with those adorable blue characters. If you happen to be a fan, you might be interested to learn that you can visit a genuine Smurfs village located in Juzcar, near Malaga, Spain.

1. Juzcar Was Originally A Stunt For The Smurfs Movie

Back in 2011, the town was adorned exclusively for the film's sake. Numerous Smurf statues were placed all over the town and all the buildings were painted in the well-known bright Smurf blue, as part of an agreement with Sony EspaƱa to commemorate the movie's premiere. Although it's uncertain why Juzcar was selected, that's how it unfolded!

2. The Village Residents Loved It Enough To Keep It

One might have presumed that the villagers would have been eager to restore their town to its previous state, particularly given that Juzcar was originally one of the White Villages of Andalusia before the Smurfs craze. However, despite the initial agreement with Sony to repaint the town, the residents conducted a referendum and voted to maintain the blue color.

3. Juzcar has way more Smurfs fans visiting than it does residents

Ironically, Juzcar is inhabited by a mere 20 individuals, yet the town attracts a staggering 80,000 visitors annually. It's unbelievable!

4. There's Plenty To See There If You Do Want To Visit

If you're considering a visit to Juzcar, you'll find an abundance of Smurf figurines, including Papa Smurf, Mama Smurf, and Baby Smurf, that would be ideal for Instagram photo opportunities. Additionally, you'll encounter Smurf-blue buildings and small mushroom-shaped houses, just like in the beloved cartoon. In short, it's definitely worth a visit.