There's A Mouse Hidden Among The Squirrels. Can You Spot It?

there’s a mouse hidden among the squirrels. can you spot it?

Can you spot the mouse hidden among squirrels in this viral brain-teaser?

Mice and squirrels look similar from afar, but they have a few differences that make this brain-teaser easy to crack.

Children's book illustrator and brain-teasing artist Gergely Dudás has mastered the art of hidden image puzzles.

The Hungarian artist, who also goes by the name The Dudolf, is famous for his Where's Waldo-style brain-teasers that embed camouflaged objects into playful illustrations.


In his latest brainteaser, Dudás has hidden a mouse somewhere among a crowd of squirrels.

Can You Spot the Mouse?

In this picture, dozens of brown squirrels crowd into a tight frame. If you study the illustration closely enough, you'll notice that one of the squirrels is actually a mouse.


Just like all of his hidden image puzzles, Dudolf designed the mouse to blend in with its surroundings.

Of course, this makes it almost impossible to spot at first glance.

Have you found it yet? No?

Here's a Little Extra Help


If you have already spotted the mouse, congratulations!

However, if you've been staring at the picture for minutes with no luck, check the ears to spot the animal that doesn't belong.

If you're still struggling to find the mouse, you're not alone. Consider taking one last look at the top right corner of the image.


Completely frustrated, and that clue doesn't prove helpful? Let's help you out.

there's a mouse hidden among the squirrels. can you spot it?
there's a mouse hidden among the squirrels. can you spot it?

Other Seek-and-Find Puzzles

Dudolf has created visual brain-teasers for every time of year. In the past drawings, he has hidden a mouse among mushrooms, a heart among flowers, and a penguin among toucans.

He has also released brainteasers books such as one of the holiday puzzles called Bear's Merry Book of Hidden Things and a Halloween-themed book called Bear's Spooky Book of Hidden Things. His latest book is Bear's Springtime Book of Hidden Things.