There's A Giant Lavender Labyrinth In Michigan, And Its Photos Are Breathtaking

Who wouldn't want to get lost in a winding maze of sweet-smelling flowers? This labyrinth of lavender in Michigan is absolutely stunning, and wandering around its endless paths will give you a total treat for the senses.

Labyrinths are beautiful creations. And many people believe that walking through one, with its geometric paths and spiral patterns, carries with it a symbolism: a spiritual journey towards the core of oneself.

In recent years, labyrinths have been used as relaxation, spiritual, and meditation venues. And what better ways to rest, calm your mind and contemplate, than strolling in a giant labyrinth full of lavenders?

there's a giant lavender labyrinth in michigan, and its photos are breathtaking

Yes, such a place exists, and it's situated inside the Cherry Point Farm and Market in Shelby, Western Michigan.

Earth mounds and French lavender plants blossom around the labyrinth paths and these spiral around its center.

Check out a birds-eye view of this labyrinth.

The labyrinth's center boasts an array of herb gardens. And when the breeze picks up, the scent of lavender flowers intermingles with that of basil, creating a soothing aromatherapy blend.

there's a giant lavender labyrinth in michigan, and its photos are breathtaking

The asymmetrical maze, which is large enough to be spotted on Google Earth, was designed in 2001 by Cherry Point owner Barbara Bull and artist and architect Conrad Heiderer to include a herb garden.

The labyrinth boasts about 36 herbal beds, and each layer contains different types of herbs. The 12 on the outside include herbs grown in Michigan in the full sun.

there's a giant lavender labyrinth in michigan, and its photos are breathtaking

The middle 12 are culinary, while the 12 innermost follow specific themes such as "medicinal herbs," "insecticide herbs," and "herbs used for dye."

Walking to the center takes you about an hour, but as Bull recently told a Michigan news source, it's not just about reaching the center.

Bull said:

"As you walk, let the layers of the world fall away. Don't think about that next phone call you have to make that e-mail you have to send, that next thing on your to-do list. Just be. Just be present."

Guests are free to explore the labyrinth. But if you want to experience the farm in all its purple glory, plan your visit at certain months.

According to their website:

"The lavender is in bloom annually mid to late July, with the color lasting into early August."

Scientists confirm the scent of lavender can actually "reduce stress and bring about a mellow feeling," according to a report published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Cherry Point has been a cherry farm, where sweet and tart cherries grow. It also grows apples, peaches, asparagus and raspberries.

You definitely need to add this destination to your bucket list!