There's A Facebook Group Where Millennials Pretend And Talk Like Baby Boomers

If you're a friend with baby boomers on Facebook, you're probably familiar with this generation's particulars and confounding styles of social media interaction.

Although most of our older relatives love to use social media, such as Facebook, many of them are pretty darn bad at it.

Their comments are frequently groaned at all-caps, riddled with unnecessary punctuation as well as inapplicable emoji.

Sometimes they post blurry pictures of walls, and they seem to enjoy tagging offensive political memes and dropping insults on big brand's Facebook pages such as Walmart.

These old forks can be hilariously irrelevant on Facebook, and often to delightful results.

The interaction of baby boomers on Facebook has led many people below 50 to leave this social platform.

Millennials and Baby Boomers aren't ever on good terms with each other. Boomers think that millennials are uncontrollable brats who don't care or take responsibility for anything.

On the other hand, millennials consider baby boomers as hopelessly outdated forks in the modern world.

The two generations are always taking stabs at each other, and a Twitter user, Anna (@manhattanna), found a perfect example of this ongoing war.

It has turned out that there's a Facebook group where these young adults are pretending to be baby boomers and making fun of how old forks interact on Facebook.

This Boomer-mocking Facebook group is called: "A group where we all pretend to be Boomers."

Anna posted screenshots of this group on Twitter, and her post accumulated over 171,000 likes.

She captioned the screenshots:

"Joined that Facebook group where you can only talk like Boomers and I'm having the time of my life."

She also shared a bunch of other screenshots from the group. In some posts, millennials are making fun of how baby boomers post sad messages against colorful Facebook status backgrounds.

Anna, born in 1998, told Bored Panda after her tweet went viral:

"I can relate to [both] millennials and generation Z." [Millennials] are the future, they're stressed out, and have a unique sense of humor."

"The baby boomers that end up being characterized in the group are all the stereotype of the typical baby boomer who's clueless as to how to use the internet, blames millennials for the downfall of the earth, and usually some kind of racist/sexist/homophobic."

Many people are joining the group, commenting on how the posts are accurate and remind them of their grandparents.

To join "A group where we all pretend to be Boomers," you only need to answer some questions, which are then reviewed by moderators and admins.