There Is Nothing Sexier Than A Man Who Makes An Effort

There Is Nothing Sexier Than A Man Who Makes An Effort

Don't fool yourself. Pretending that you don't give a damn is not charming. And there is nothing attractive about not calling me for days. Drunk texting is not a turn-on either. So, cut it out.

Thinking that you can come and go in and out of my life when you wish does not make me want you more. Blowing hot and cold has no appeal as far as I go. So, cut it out.

Here is what's attractive and sexy – making an effort. Not acting like you have no feelings.


Surprise me in the middle of the day with my favorite flowers and chocolate because you miss me. Send a sweet text and call me to let me know I am on your mind.

Make an effort to let me know you care.

I have had enough of clueless guys who think that they have to send me mixed signals to get into my pants and win my heart.

I am fed up with teary nights thinking my fortunes are doomed as far as finding love goes.


I have had enough of listening to other people's stories and never getting a chance to tell my own. People who think they can come into my life whenever it's convenient for them.

The person I need in my life needs to be there through it all, not only when things are going well for us. He should be ready to stick it out, even when it gets ugly. We have to accept each other and be tolerant of each other's flaws.


What I need is someone who plans for our future, someone who cares for me on a deep level. A person who makes me fall about laughing.

I desire someone who puts away the phone when with me because he would rather talk to me.

I find it attractive to be with someone who is kind-hearted and forthright. Someone who makes an effort to make me feel better if they hurt my feelings. Someone who feels as deeply as I do, and tries to make things better.


I want to be happy now, and I don't want promises about a happy future.

I want a man that won't shy away at the idea of being in a committed relationship. This is someone who is confident of his feelings and knows what he wants. A man who understands that I am special to him and wants to go the distance with me.

I am fed up with empty words, I want a man who stands by what he says.


The man who will steal my heart will have to make me feel secure and that I can trust that he will always make an effort to be there for me even on my down days.

And I won't take this special relationship for granted.

I want to reciprocate his efforts and emotions as well. His love will not be wasted on me, and I don't want mine to be wasted on him either.