The Worst Misconception Ever: Satan Does Not Rule Hell, He's Its First Prisoner

The Worst Misconception Ever: Satan Does Not Rule Hell, He’s Its First Prisoner

If you were to be completely honest, you would most likely agree with anyone who says Satan rules Hell. But a closer look at your bible will reveal that this is the farthest thing from the truth.

It would certainly not be the first time in history we got the bible all wrong.

In the book of Isaiah, there are many verses referencing the devil, and painting him as a beautiful angel called Lucifer.

Then, because of his defiance, God cast him out of Heaven. Lucifer is actually not a name, but a word that means "morning star."

Many Christians Think Satan Is The Ruler Of Hell

He is often portrayed as a king over this feared kingdom. But that is not the truth according to recent scrutiny of his real power.

In fact, Satan does not even have the power to drag anyone to hell. It is God who will cast Satan into hell, referred to as the "lake of fire and brimstone" in Revelation 20:2,10.

Satan has no power to take you after you choose God and cast you into Hell, as explained in Romans 8:38-39 by Paul. The apostle explains that no "angels nor principalities nor powers" can separate us from the love of God.

Satan will be cast into Hell just as everyone else who will be judged unrighteous by God (Matthew 25:46, Revelation 20:15).

Nowhere Does The Bible Explain That Satan Will Be The One In Charge Of Hell

He will not have an evil reign or have any special privileges or authority in this place of eternal damnation.

Even when Jesus spoke, he talked of only God having the capability to destroy both the body and the soul.

And also, the tendency for people to depict the devil as having red horns and other frightful features is wrong. This is not mentioned anywhere in the bible.

The only place the devil is described in physical form is when he visited Eve as a snake in the garden of Eden.

But the way people draw him is meant to make him look 'evil' and 'scary' based on our own impressions of what Satan might look like based on what we know about him.

Have you ever read the bible and everything it says about the devil?

If you did, you would realize that there are many misconceptions about this fabled being.

Much Of What We Know About Satan, Sorry To Say, Is Just Made Up

The bible says plenty about the devil and his mission on earth, and this truth has been twisted countless times into the "facts' we know about him today.

We have gone much further in our portrayal of the evil powers he possesses, even attributing to him a kingdom (Hell) while in reality he wields no such power. Like other unfaithful beings, he will also end up in the Hellfire.

In Revelation (20:10), we see that the devil and his angels will be cast into the lake of fire, hardly the treatment he would face if he was really the one calling the shots in this horrific place of eternal anguish.