The Worst Dating Trend Of The Year: Hatfishing

The Worst Dating Trend Of The Year: Hatfishing

Hatfishing. This is for sure the worst dating trend of the year. Without a doubt. Yes, sometimes it is suiting your outfit to wear a hat. But, there should be limits. What if he doesn't want to take off his hat? This is for both, the guilty one and for the person dating a person that is always wearing a hat.


Hatfishing is when someone is always wearing a hat. They are wearing hats on dates, in photos on their social media pages and even when they are in buildings.

You don't see them without a hat. No matter what the weather or the occasion. And, this can become a problem when you are dating. If you are the guilty one, you need to reconsider wearing a hat all the time. When you are dating someone that is wearing hats all the time, you might ask why?

When does trending become cheesy? This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Are you wearing a hat because you want to be trendy? Or is this just becoming cheesy because you can't leave the home without a hat?

Trending is when the hat will fit your outfit and the occasion. Cheesy is when you don't see the person without a hat. To formal occasions, to the beach and even on a date.


What are you going to do, when you are going out with someone that isn't taking off his hat for one minute? Not when you are eating at a restaurant, or even when you are hugging each other?

It can become annoying, and it might be time for a serious conversation if you want to have a serious relationship with the person. We all know that it isn't fun to hug someone with a hat that is pressing against your head and ruining your hairstyle.


Statistics have shown that people that are always wearing hats are normally hiding something. It might be because of low self-esteem. Or, he might have a medical reason why he is always wearing a hat, and too ashamed to talk about it.

This is what you need to find out. You can't just judge him before you know the real reason for the hat. Maybe he just doesn't have a sense of style and needs someone to tell him that wearing a hat all the time isn't cool.


Yes, the hat might be the deal-breaker. You might not even recognize the person without the hat. And, it can be annoying. But, before you are doing anything it is a great idea to talk to him. You might be surprised about the reason for the hat. He might even take off the hat, right before your eyes.

Hatfishing. When you are on a date with someone that is always wearing a hat. A deal-breaker for some. Maybe you are the guilty party that is doing the hatfishing. Take off the hat and see the reactions of other people. You might be surprised.