The World's First Male Birth Control Shot: Everything You Need To Know

The World’s First Male Birth Control Shot: Everything You Need To Know

For the longest time, women have borne the greatest birth control burden by taking pills and getting shots. But scientists have been working on changing that by creating a male birth control shot.

If you haven't heard much about this birth control solution, here's the scoop.

1. The Shot Can Last For Up To 13 Years

That's both a blessing and a curse, depending on your plans about having kids. That's a long time, and this makes this shot more of a vasectomy alternative suitable for men who no longer want to have kids. The shot is up to 99% effective, which is just as effective as hormonal birth control methods.

In this regard, methods such as implants, coils, and birth control pills used by women are more effective if there are plans to have kids in the future. That said, having this shot beats going under the knife, especially because it eventually offers a way out, unlike vasectomy.

2. How It Works

The injection is made near a sperm-containing tube close to the testicles. It contains a polymer called Steryene Maleic Anhydride. This compound has been known to inhibit sperm production since the 70s. Anyway, once the compound is placed in this part of the body, it prevents sperm production and offers birth control effects.

3. There Are Few Or No Side Effects

Extensive studies have been done to determine how much of an impact this drug has on the users. And so far, so good. In the trials done so far, there has been a 97.3% success rate of the method in a sample of about 300 people. Additionally, no side effects were reported for any of the users. That is a huge step towards making this the world's first male contraceptive.

4. Still Awaiting Approval

The drug has already undergone trials and all that remains is approval for its use. From there, the drug will be available for use by consumers. The tests done so far have been successful.

5. Tests Not Yet Complete

Obviously, before the shot is approved for use, it will have to undergo a lot more testing. However, everything looks good so far, and this drug will likely enter the market soon. Experts estimate that the drug might be in the market in the next six months, which would usher in an age where we finally have a viable long-term male birth control method that's a great alternative to vasectomy.

This is pretty exciting news, right? Men who have always felt uncomfortable with the idea of getting surgery to handle their reproductive health now have a way out. And women have something to celebrate as well. This will relieve some of the burden women had concerning family planning.