The World Is Not Kind To People With Big Emotions

The world is not fair – it can pick and choose who to be kind to; regardless of whether you deserve the gesture or not. For instance, if you have big emotions, you should expect the world to be a little cold and hostile towards you at one point or another.

If you are often too happy, or too sad, then the world will deem you as emotional. So the problem the world has with emotional people is not simply a matter of being a source of bad emotions that spill onto those around you.

The world simply doesn’t want you to be too happy either – it’s considered unusual.

The problem is that people with these kinds of emotions react to emotional issues in ways that might seem exaggerated to some. Laughing loudly, getting carried away, tears, and other emotional signs put these people in a category of their own.

They can have big hearts, and many of them do; they can go to a lot of lengths to be empathetic when you need a kind soul to help you out of your sorrow. In other words, they can touch your heart in ways you cannot imagine.

Yet the world seems so rough on them. No, it’s not always that regular people are out to hurt them. The problem, in most cases, is that highly emotional people are so easily affected by things that don’t seem to get to us regular folk.

For instance, a simple compliment will melt their hearts and you can visibly see the joy in their eyes and their behavior; but a negative comment or situation can make them look visibly shattered. It can even be painful to see them get hurt so deeply, even by small things that would not hold much significance to most people.

In other words, being with a person with big emotions can be demanding. Every small thing might seem like the biggest crisis in their world, and this can get exhausting; especially because such reactions might not make much sense to you.

If you are most people, you will often wonder whether there was something wrong with their upbringing that did not toughen them up so that they can deal with issues with more emotional restraint. Except that this kind of restraint is not normal for people with big emotions.

Their lives seem like wild emotional roller coaster rides. The problem is especially worse for men, who are expected to remain composed even in the most stirring of emotional situations. Men are not supposed to go around showing their tender sides.

Not that overly emotional women feel any better. Many people are not up to the drama and antics that emotional people have, and that puts them on the receiving end of the ill feelings that the world has against them.

These people do exist. And no, it is not something to do with the upbringing that makes them have such overwhelming emotions about things most people would not visibly react to.

The world is less kind to them because it does not get them. Why would it? We live in a society where we are admired for taking charge of our feelings and pretending that nothing gets to us.