The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

Meditations have become increasingly popular in the past decade. We live fast, with no time to stop and smell the roses, so the tensions build up, and we need a quick escape. Not a week, not even a whole day. Just 20 minutes to be here now.

Most people practice mindful meditation, which has proved to be extremely powerful if done regularly. Naturally, when you hear the term orgasmic meditation, you might imagine a similar practice. And you are partially correct.

The main difference is that orgasmic meditation is not something you do by yourself, though the goal is to be present or mindful, with a touch and potential climax.

The biggest shocker is that you do not practice orgasmic meditation alone. That is where controversy and adverse opinions start to pile up.

What Is Orgasmic Meditation

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

Essentially, orgasmic meditation lasts for 15 minutes and is not a sexual act. In theory, it sounds easy, as it is the act of stimulating the clitoris for an extended period. However, it sounds like something you do with a partner, and yet, the best results come from working with trained practitioners.

The point is to release the tension and teach you more about your pleasure. Additionally, it helps with body image, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, and eases pain caused by tension.

The more you practice orgasmic meditation, the more you improve your libido, which translates to richer sex life.

Orgasmic meditation is strictly a partnered activity, so if you are uncomfortable with a stranger and don't have a partner, you should try tantric masturbation or vulva hug meditation.

Instructions For Orgasmic Meditation

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

You might be tempted to resist doing orgasmic meditation with a practitioner, who is a stranger, but this offers numerous benefits compared to meditating with your partner.

First, this is not foreplay and should not be treated as such. Secondly, the whole meditation process is relatively sterile, and initially, it feels like going to the doctor, not working on increasing your libido.

You need blankets, a yoga mat, and a cushion for the person doing the stroking.

The practitioner will wear gloves, and before touching your vulva, they will use a touch of lubricant.

The place where you practice orgasmic meditation is called the nest. It should be quiet, calming, and cozy.

Then you remove your panties, lie down and spread your legs. Your partner remains fully clothed.

The stroker puts their left leg over your torso, with their right leg underneath yours. Then they start stroking the clitoris and vaginal opening in slow but deliberate moves.

The experience lasts 13 minutes, with 2 minutes for cooling down. The practitioner describes what they see during the meditation.

The Intimacy During The Orgasmic Meditation

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

The connection you form with a stroker, your partner, or someone specialed in orgasmic meditation, is intimate.

However, intimacy does not have to involve sex, making this a connection between two living, breathing adults.

Like with other meditations, the first few times are confusing. But, as you go along, you start to build stronger sexual wellness and separate your stroker from the person.

To ensure a better experience and more powerful orgasmic meditation, your stroker will ask if you are ready to be touched. Often, they massage your inner tights to relax you before going to the clitoris.

There is no give and take, as the practitioner, like a yoga instructor, or personal trainer, only has one goal: to relax your body and mind unconventionally.

That said, orgasmic meditation faced disturbing questions and opened some interesting conversations.

Controversies Surrounding Orgasmic Meditation

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

In 2004, OneTaste went viral, as the company promised to change the world through female orgasms. Though orgasmic meditation has been known since the 60s and most likely existed for centuries, it was the first time it went mainstream.

Bloomberg Businessweek broke the story, which was quite unsettling. The media interviewed numerous people who worked in the facility.

Many claimed it looked like a prostitution ring, while some confessed they were allegedly told to sleep with potential clients. Overall, OneTaste worked like a cult, not a wellness facility.

The excessive fees, which first raised eyebrows, were only the tip of the iceberg. There is an ongoing FBI investigation, so if you are looking at groups for orgasmic meditation, you need to be careful.

Second, the less scary controversy involves conversations about cheating. Is it cheating if someone is stroking your intimate area? And even more so, is it cheating if your partner massages someone else?

There is also another question that contradicts the purpose of orgasmic meditation. What about the victims of sexual assault? If you are among survivors and you want to try orgasmic meditation, you need a person of trust or someone who has already worked with women in your situation.

It can trigger trauma, just as well as it can help with healing. We advise you to think about this decision carefully.

The Orgasmic Meditation Vs. Similar Practices

The Ultimate Guide To Orgasmic Meditation

As you understand, you need to be coupled up for this kind of meditation, which might be an issue. You cannot practice orgasmic meditation alone, just as you cannot tickle yourself.

Yet, this is not some new-age nonsense, as numerous Eastern spiritual masters already gave us many tools to get to know ourselves better, with meditation being one of the most powerful.

Exploring your orgasm is also good for your mental health, as your brain gets more oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel more relaxed. The road to discovering what's going on down there, even keeping your vagina and vulva younger, does not have to include touching.

The first thing you should do is get in touch with the present, meaning practicing mindful meditation. Then, you can start expanding your knowledge and learning more about the vulva hug, a powerful meditation for women.

Masturbation allows you to free your body. Meditation which involves private parts, allows your body and mind to sync perfectly.

It can lead to more fulfilling sex life, regardless of age. That leads to less anxiety, more appreciation for your body and mind, and a better sense of self.