The Ultimate Guide To Identifying A Narcissistic Partner

The Ultimate Guide To Identifying A Narcissistic Partner

We all want to find the ideal partner to share our lives with. Some people are lucky, and they do manage to find their ideal soulmate. However, for many others, they end up going through one unsuitable partner after another – including ending up with a dreaded narcissist.

Some people view narcissism as simply being vain and self-absorbed, but there is a lot more to it than this. A true narcissist is someone who always wants to come out on top and who wants to take control of others. In fact, the typical true narcissist can be a very dangerous person to be around, so naturally, you want to know if you are sharing your life with one. Well, in this article, we will look at some of the key signs that could suggest your partner is indeed a narcissist.

Major Indications of Narcissism in a Partner

One thing to remember is that narcissists are very good at switching, so the partner you first met may have been charming, loving, loyal, and always treating you with total respect. However, once they have gained your trust, the real person comes to the forefront and you suddenly find yourself with a partner you barely recognize. A true narcissist will display many of the following traits:

Blaming others for everything that goes wrong but never taking the blame themselves

Making you feel guilty for something that they have done wrong

Generally being emotionally detached

Bearing a grudge for an unusually long time

Never valuing your time or effort

Belittling everything you do

Putting you down about your appearance

Making your achievements seem like nothing

Always telling you what to do and when to do it

Undermining you at every opportunity

Never asking how you are or how you feel

Manipulating you through emotional or physical abuse

Isolating you from your friends and family members

Making you lie to make them look better in the eyes of others

Always taking advantage of you and others in their life

Acting with jealousy when you achieve something

Making you feel used and exploited

Telling you nobody else will ever want to be with you

Always wanting things done their own way

Never willing to compromise with you

A Downward Spiral

Sadly, it is often the case that people do realize that their partner is a narcissist but do nothing to change their situation. This is often because the partner has belittled them and whittled down their emotional strength to such a degree that they feel worthless and blame themselves for the situation rather than their partner's narcissism. This can result in a downward spiral that can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of others such as children who are involved in the relationship.

In situations where the partner is both emotionally and physically abusive, things all too often end in tragedy, which is why anyone who is with a narcissistic partner needs to think long and hard. Fortunately, there are support groups and other help available for people who are in this situation, and it can really help to gain the support of others who have already experienced it for themselves.