The Ultimate Guide To Having A Successful One-Night Stand


The truth is, one-night stands have become a prominent aspect of contemporary hookup culture and dating practices among millennials. Even though they may seem casual, there are appropriate and inappropriate approaches to engaging in such encounters. Mishandling a one-night stand could have serious negative consequences for everyone involved. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the principles of one-night stand etiquette before pursuing the next fling, to ensure that the experience is enjoyable and satisfying for all parties.

Before The Fling

1. Find Out If He's Taken

To avoid creating any unnecessary conflict, it's best to refrain from engaging in sexual activity with someone who is already committed to a romantic partner. This rule applies to both men and women - if a woman is in a relationship, men should avoid pursuing her sexually, and vice versa. Regardless of how you feel about the person's partner, it's essential to maintain respect for yourself by not becoming the cause of relationship problems.

2. Make Your Intentions Clear

Surprisingly, men can also be taken aback by a woman's advances, just as we may be affected by theirs. It's important to be clear and straightforward with your intentions and let him know that you're only interested in a casual relationship. This will prevent any misunderstandings and give him a clear understanding of where he stands with you. Additionally, it will help to manage his expectations and avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

3. Lay Down Rules That You Expect Him To Follow

Make it clear to him that you have certain expectations, such as discretion, a follow-up call after the encounter, and the use of protection. If he doesn't agree to any of these terms, it's best to avoid pursuing the encounter altogether. A man who disregards rules and boundaries is not someone who deserves to be in a relationship with you.

4. For Your Safety, Ask Him If There's Anything You Should Know About His STD Statu

Initiating a conversation about safe sex and asking questions is always a wise move. It's not a mood-killer; rather, it's an act of self-protection.

5. Make Sure You Trust Him

If you don't have faith in him, it's best not to engage in sexual activity with him.

During The Fling

1. Have Fun

The point of engaging in any activity is to enjoy it. Therefore, if you're not having a good time, it defeats the purpose.

2. Keep The Cell Phones Away

A prudent approach to a one-night stand involves avoiding any photographic or video evidence.

3. Keep It Safe, Sane, And Consensual

Avoid pressuring your partner to engage in any activity that they are not comfortable with or unwilling to do. It's important to establish boundaries and communicate your interests and desires, especially if you have particular kinks. It's best to have these conversations before entering the bedroom to ensure mutual consent and a positive experience for both parties.

4. Be Clean

Nobody desires to engage in sexual activity with someone who has an unpleasant body odor. To avoid this, it's recommended that you take a shower immediately before commencing any sexual activity.

5. Be Nice To Your One-night Stand

It's essential to avoid belittling or disrespecting your partner, even if it's just a one-night stand. Engaging in casual sex does not grant permission to insult or treat them as insignificant. Treat your partner with respect and dignity.

After The Fling

1. If It Was Really Good, Consider Upgrading Him To A FWB

There's nothing wrong with wanting to repeat a positive sexual encounter. If you're interested in having another one, communicate your desire to your partner before they leave.

2. If You Were Hosting, Offer Him Access To Your Shower And Give Him Some Refreshments

Engaging in physical activity can often leave you feeling sweaty and in need of a quick shower. Similarly, your partner may feel hungry or thirsty after a hookup. It's important to be considerate and ensure that your partner has a positive experience with you.

3. Give Him Your Contact Details If You Haven't Already

By being thoughtful and considerate, you may increase the likelihood of your partner wanting to engage in another sexual encounter with you.

4. Keep It Discrete

It's considered good manners for both men and women to refrain from disclosing intimate details about their sexual encounters with others. Just as you would not appreciate your partner sharing personal information with their friends, it's likely that they would prefer you to keep the details of your encounter private as well.

5. Don't Get Clingy Or Obsessive

A one-night stand typically entails no emotional attachments. It's essential to avoid the mistake of becoming overly attached, displaying neediness, or acting in a possessive manner. Such behavior could make you appear unfavorable to your partner and ruin any future chances of engaging in casual sex.

A one-night stand doesn't have to be entirely sleazy, nor does it need to involve high-risk activities. By following the appropriate etiquette guide, you and your partner can enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience together.