The Ultimate Guide To Being A Decent Guy

I believe that it can be difficult to find decent men. This is not because men are inherently incapable of being decent, but rather because many people in general struggle to meet the basic standards of decency. While I may not be the epitome of manners, there are certain qualities and actions that I believe are essential for a man to be considered decent. If you're looking to improve your decency as a man, consider following these guidelines.


1. He listens and listens well

A decent guy actively listens with both interest and empathy, instead of just waiting for their turn to speak.

2. He knows how to have a conversation

A decent guy knows how to have a conversation, he avoids interrupting, understands different perspectives and recognizes that a dialogue should involve both parties.


3. He respects space and boundaries

A decent guy recognizes and respects personal boundaries, whether it's with a romantic partner or a stranger. He understands that people have different comfort levels and makes sure to always honor them.

4. He is attentive and aware

An exemplary individual pays attention to his surroundings and possesses foresight. He demonstrates genuine care and affection towards those in his life, making them feel valued and loved.


5. He makes those around him feel safe

A respectable man does not cause discomfort or mistrust to those around him. Rather, he creates a welcoming and secure environment for all individuals, regardless of their background or perspective.

6. He's open-minded and accepting

Embracing diversity is an admirable trait. A decent individual accepts and welcomes those who are different from him without hesitation or reservation.


7. He offers a piece of himself to his loved ones

Caring for someone involves being emotionally invested and fully committed to the relationship. It means being open and willing to share a part of yourself with that person. A good person enters both friendships and romantic relationships with this mindset.

8. He has convictions and stands by them

A person of integrity holds strong convictions and stands by them. They have a clear sense of right and wrong and will not compromise their values for personal gain. In other words, a person of integrity does not cheat or engage in unethical behavior.


9. He isn't afraid to cry or show emotion

In a society that may view men as being emotionless, a truly good person understands that it is healthy to express emotions. They do not hide or suppress their feelings, but rather acknowledge and process them in a healthy way, including crying if the situation calls for it.

10. He's always himself

A person of integrity is genuine and authentic. They do not alter their character or beliefs to conform to the opinions or expectations of others. They are true to themselves and remain consistent in their actions and values.