The Truth On Why Some People Are So Mature By Their 20s

Don’t let anyone deceive you – people are not born wise. So, when you come across someone who is too wise for their age, know that there is a reason why.

When someone is already mature by their 20s, then understand that they had to grow up first as they found themselves in age-inappropriate circumstances. Consequently, they had to learn the skills necessary for the level of life they were forced into, which made them mature quickly.

When life becomes tough for you when you are still young, you learn plenty of things many people learn later in life. For instance, you begin to understand that you have no control over other people, although you can control yourself.

You also learn that money buys you freedom, and you start giving it the attention it deserves. Then you start to understand that people hold respect in high regard, and you seek intelligence and the capacity to grow your respectability.

Trust me. There never comes a time when anyone wakes up ready to take on adult responsibilities, fending for themselves and others. Nobody likes to carry burdens, even their own, without help.

This happens when you suffer pain, and the experience teaches you that you are pretty strong on your own. After the pain, you also like to have things under control. Therefore, you build walls around you. You take care of yourself, knowing that nobody else will. You couldn’t care less if someone does not take care of your needs – you are self-sufficient.

You learn that the thing that can hurt you the most is having to live with people who cause you a lot of pain. You have come to understand the torture of having to depend on people who put you through suffering.

Having to remain in an unhealthy relationship because your livelihood depends on it can be devastating. You understand better than most the pain of being in a bad relationship whose end could have severe repercussions on your life.

For instance, you could put up with your abusive parents instead of running away because it is the only way to have a roof over your head or have a decent education.

When young people mature fast, it is not because they find it fun to be boring, serious, and focused. It is because they know that maturity gives them freedom.

Now that this young person cannot depend on parents or guardians and still enjoy their freedom, they have to be the grown-ups so that they can grant themselves this freedom. A mature young person decides who belongs in their lives and who doesn’t.

These days, younger women tend to be more mature than their male partners, even when they are older.

This is a paradigm shift. In the past, men were heads, and they were more responsible and focused. It is because these women have been told again and again about the freedom that comes with having their own money so that they don’t have to depend on anyone else.

Essentially, the mature young women you see around simply want the chance to have a way out if they ever need one. No wonder women are earning more, taking on leadership roles, and controlling their own lives and futures.

So, although being an adult can seem boring and burdensome, people who did not live a life of privilege relish. Being an adult gives them freedom of mind, heart, and soul. These people can be whoever they want to be, and in the end, that is what we all desire.