There is always that one friend who is outspoken and blunt, never hiding the truth nor sugarcoating it. The fact that they can tell the truth to your face instead of speaking behind your back, shows how much they love you and want you to be better even if their words hurt..

In a world full of selfish people who care more about themselves and care less about others under the guise of not wanting to interfere, having true friends who call you out on your bullsh*t without fear is a blessing. It’s better to have one friend who speaks her mind about matters to your face than to have five who gossip about you behind your back.

Why your blunt friends are rare gems

They will not please you with a lie

If you meet a new guy and he doesn’t treat you right, probably a deduction from your conversations together or from meeting him a few times, they will tell you the God-honest truth.  “You are worth more than that” or “that guy doesn’t respect you”. If you make a wrong decision and try to dodge taking responsibility, they are the first to let you know that it was your fault and even tell you not to dare try to shirk taking responsibility for your actions.

They are not backstabbers

Your blunt friend will not speak about matters concerning you behind your back and even if she does, she will still tell you about it to your face. Such friends rarely use you as a gossip point nor do they spitefully laugh at your shortcomings.

Backstabbing and manipulation is not their style. So, instead of getting mad at them for bringing your shortcoming to the fore, appreciate them for not keeping it to themselves or gossiping about it behind your back. By the way, they don’t dish out what they can’t take. So they appreciate it when you also let them know when they are being too much.

Their bluntness makes every outing eventful

Ever visited a bar or a street market with them? You can be sure that they will ward of any cocky or obnoxious individual and you can’t be cheated. They make the most absurd, witty, yet truthful statements that lighten up the most boring affairs. It’s always a joy to be around them.

Don’t be surprised if they chase away any irritating guy trying to woo you even if you were enjoying the attention and even tell you how irritating you are for enjoying it (lol).

Your best interests are foremost on their mind

Besides being the nature of some individuals, friends who chose to be blunt often have one thing on their mind, your best interests. Even if what they say will embarrass or annoy you, they still chose to do so because they feel you will do better knowing the truth or can be saved from going head-on into a potentially harmful situation.

They speak their mind without fear

Some truths can destroy relationships if told. Still, your true friends won’t keep them from you. The best they can do is to find a way to tactfully let you know. Though the fear of losing you as a friend might be there, the fear of you finding out from someone who doesn’t care or never finding out will move them to tell you. They might be worried about what your reaction would be but it will never stop them from speaking the truth.

Appreciate such friends. Do your best to keep them. They are like precious stones, hard to find but worth a lot once found.