The Toxic Narcissistic Sibling: Definition, Signs, And Ways To Deal With One

The Toxic Narcissistic Sibling: Definition, Signs, And Ways To Deal With One

Coping with a narcissistic family member is never easy, especially when you have to handle the toxic narcissistic sibling.

A narcissistic sister or brother can make you ask: "can narcissism run in families?" There are many signs that it can happen.

For instance, a narcissistic mother can pass on her unsavory traits to her daughter. Therefore, siblings can serve as a narcissistic supply.

Anyway, while many people like to speak of sibling rivalry, narcissism introduces toxic one-sided rivalry between siblings.

What Is A Toxic Sibling?

the toxic narcissistic sibling: definition, signs, and ways to deal with one

If you have never had a toxic sibling, you might have a hard time understanding what this really entails. First of all, a narcissistic sibling will regularly betray you in ways not even your worst enemy should.

A typical narcissistic jealous sister is not above stealing your boyfriend, while a narcissistic brother might try to ruin the harmony you share with your other siblings or family members.

That is why people with toxic siblings will say things like "my narcissistic sister hates me." Even though this person might be blood, narcissism is the more powerful force behind their interactions with you.

Toxic people destroy everything in their path, it doesn't matter if you are a family member or not. This goes to show why you should learn how to deal with them to avoid the traumatic effects narcissistic people can cause in your life.

How To Identify A Narcissistic Sibling

the toxic narcissistic sibling: definition, signs, and ways to deal with one

Is my sister a narcissist? Do I have a narcissistic brother? First of all, if you are asking these kinds of questions, there is a good chance your sibling is a narcissist.

Narcissists often demand attention at all costs. And it's not any different when that narcissist is your own brother or sister.

This kind of sibling will often demand lots of attention and loyalty but offer nothing in return. Their actions and behaviors are usually insulting to everyone, even the parents.

So, if you have a brother or sister who is always the source of drama in the family, then you probably have a narcissistic sibling. There are obviously other narcissistic sibling characteristics, but this is the easiest to identify.

Even if you have a covert narcissistic sister, you will always find that she is the center of attention even though she might not openly demand it.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Sibling

the toxic narcissistic sibling: definition, signs, and ways to deal with one

The narcissistic cycle of abuse among siblings needs to stop. And that has to start with you, not your narcissistic brother or sister. First of all, be on the lookout for the narcissistic victim syndrome, whereby your sibling will often play the victim just to get attention.

The way you deal with a typical narcissist is the same way you can deal with your narcissistic sibling. The first step is to avoid indulging their unreasonable needs for attention because that just feeds their toxic behavior.

However, you have to be delicate about it since this is still your own blood, and that relationship lasts a lifetime.

Narcissistic siblings can bring a lot of pain into your life if you are not careful, and you might end up suffering greatly as a result.

The process of dealing with a narcissistic sibling starts by healing from the influence the sibling has over your life.

Lots of people end up suffering from depression due to the narcissistic habits of their siblings or family members. Life can be hard when the toxic narcissist in your life is someone you love and have known all your life.

The situation is made worse when an unhealthy dynamic develops in the family. For instance, you might end up as the scapegoat while your narcissistic sibling is considered the golden child.

Sadly, parents are often the reason some siblings turn into narcissists through favoritism. By putting one child on a pedestal and making other children feel like they have to work hard to win their approval, parents promote narcissistic tendencies.

What If It Doesn't Work?

the toxic narcissistic sibling: definition, signs, and ways to deal with one

Despite all your effort and good intentions, your attempts to reign in your narcissistic sibling might fail. With their refined manipulation techniques, these brothers or sisters might even have everyone in the family turn against you.

That can seem to make your life worse and make you wonder why you should still give a damn about your family.

The depression can be draining, and it might ruin other healthy relationships in your life.

It is at this point you might even consider cutting off some family members. This might sound drastic, but there are times when this is the only thing someone can do to hold on to their sanity.

Life is never easy when you are living with a narcissist. That's why distancing yourself from your narcissistic sibling might be the only option you have left.

Sure, it sucks having a narcissist for a sibling. But what's worse is having the toxic narcissistic sibling make your life a living hell and ruin your peace of mind for the foreseeable future. Sometimes it's necessary to avoid your narcissistic sibling completely. And avoid the pain you feel from them to have a normal life.