The Top Secrets To Achieving An Explosive Female Orgasm

The Top Secrets To Achieving An Explosive Female Orgasm

Ladies, perhaps you never achieved an orgasm. Or you merely want to know how to get more. You came to the right place!

The female orgasm is a mystery to many. The vast majority of women never seem to climax, so they fake it.

Women blame themselves for not being able to orgasm, but the simple fact is that numerous factors may not allow you to get to that atomic place.

It doesn't sound like much, but stress, alcohol, and overthinking are doing their part. But, wait, there's more.

Masturbation is your BFF

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

While many of us are too ashamed to masturbate in front of our partners, it can be quite an experience.

Alone, or with your significant other, masturbation is one of the best ways to improve your sex life.

You get to explore your likes and dislikes, but the real goal is to get curious about your body.

The more you get to know your private parts, the more likely you'll start loving your body.

By giving your body some love, you're gaining confidence and awakening your feminity.

Get some visuals and get busy

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

You don't have to do everything you see in an adult movie.

However, once you get comfortable with watching, noticing things on your telly, you will start revealing the sex goddess inside you.

Once you're comfortable, you'll watch adult movies with your partner, and it will get quite steamy.

Explosive orgasms don't have to happen all the time, but the more in tune you're with your body, the more you expand your horizons. And you're going to love it!

Spice up your sex life

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

Apart from watching XXX movies, you could add some sex toys or do some role play.

Try out different things to see what makes you and your partner tik.

It's 2020, and you don't have to get all flushed over ordering some sex toys, costumes, or changing poses. There's more to life than missionary!

Every little detail matters, from music to your clothes. And that atmosphere should inspire you to masturbate harder and include some toys.

Yes, you will laugh, and you will blush, but it's all part of your sexual awakening!

Talk dirty to your explosive orgasm

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

Talking dirty to your partner is something that not all ladies are comfortable with. However, talking to your intimate parts, in the comfort of your bedroom, won't make you blush, no matter how shy you are.

What do you like? Where? Why not say it out loud to yourself? You don't have to make mental notes, scream, moan, bite your lip.

With time, you'll be able to share this talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you'll be able to navigate them.

But before you do, take your self-talk to the next level. Masturbate, use dirty talk, toys, and mirrors to admire and fall in love with what you see.

The more you get to know yourself; the more explosive orgasms will come your way.

Learn to breathe your way to orgasm

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

Wait, what?

Shallow breathing comes naturally, but it's all wrong.

Deep breathing will stimulate circulation and send more blood to the genitals. Then your orgasm will become more intense.

Experiment with breathing in different ways to see which technique suits you the best.

Do some yoga, stretch, get some lingerie, or don't, light up some candles, do all the things that will destress you.

You're desirable, and you deserve that explosion of bodily fluids and complete nirvana.

So many Erogenous zones, so little time

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

Your back, ears, bottom, feet, nipples, of course, these parts of your body should not be forgotten.

Erotically charged nerve endings are all over your body. Let your partner explore as if your body is some untamed, and unknown island, or a wild animal.

When you like something, give your partner a signal. Simply say, "Mmm, I love that."

Kisses, pinching, squizzing, slapping, it's all part of the foreplay. The more your master it, the better chances you have in achieving an explosive female orgasm.

Include your partner into your adventure

the top secrets to achieving an explosive female orgasm

There's nothing wrong with merely stating that you want a better orgasm. And there's nothing wrong with admitting that you never had one.

Include your boyfriend or girlfriend into your plan, and ask them to do their sex self-exploration.

It's rather simple: your partner will dedicate more time to your pleasure. Why? Because you asked them to!

Explosive female orgasms will release stress and make you feel like you are on cloud nine.

Additionally, the more you get to know your body, the more positive you'll start to feel about it.

If you're single and not having sex right now, use this time to educate yourself.

Admire, explore, enjoy, and once you find someone to share it with, it will be memorable.

Dear ladies, we deserve more than a "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am."

We deserve to have mind-blowing orgasms, and to share our sexuality with the people we chose to!