The Top 10 Physical Ways Heartbreak Hurts You

The Top 10 Physical Ways Heartbreak Hurts You

We've all been through heartbreak. Any time a relationship dissolves into nothing or comes to an abrupt halt, the pain of loss is there. It doesn't matter what the reasoning is for the breakup, the fact is, they leave you feeling like you might never recover. Like you might just crumble into a puddle of tears on the floor. Like your heart has been ripped from your chest. You can't breath and you can't collect yourself. You never expect these reactions from yourself. Yet here you are. If you are dealing with heartbreak, you are probably feeling a few of these things right now.


1. You Have Physical Pain

If your brain is feeling pain, your whole body hurts. It mostly feels like you can't go on. Has your heart literally broken? Because it sure feels that way. If you've been crying, your whole body is sore from those gasps of air you've been taking.

2. You Don't Want To Be Around Anyone

You pretty much check out from life. You don't want people around you and you don't want to talk to anyone. It is impossible to socialize. Your brain just can't take the thought.


3. Your Sleep Suffers

You can't shut your brain off at night. You're just too heartbroken. Because of this, your sleep suffers. Laying awake all night, not being able to sleep. You just can't stop thinking about what went wrong and how heartbroken you are.

4. You've Lost Your Appetite

Nothing sounds good anymore. You know you should eat and that you need to eat but you can't bring yourself to eat anything. Your stomach feels empty but it isn't from lack of food. It's from heartbreak.


5. You Can't Focus

You have one thing and one thing only on your mind. The heartbreak. Anything else that requires your mind to focus just isn't going to happen. Even if you try to read a book or scroll through your phone to read the news, your mind keeps going back to the heartbreak you are feeling and the reason for it.

6. You Can't Breath

At least it feels that way. You keep trying to catch your breath every time you think about your situation. It's literally taking your breath away. It's even worse when you are crying because you REALLY can't breath! You're just gasping for air!


7. Your Mood Suffers

Obviously you're in a bad mood. You've just been through the biggest heartbreak of your life. You're still going through it. You can't get yourself out of this funk and you take it out on other people.

8. You Lose Confidence In Yourself

Because your life has been upended, you feel like you have lost yourself a little (or a lot). You might feel like there is something wrong with you. There must have been if they broke up with you right? You question who you really are and if you are worth loving.


9. You're In A Fog

You feel like your mind and thoughts are slugging through a fog. Your surroundings don't feel real. Your mind is only in this one place and everything else around it is just...nothing.

10. Your Sadness Doesn't End

At least it feels that way. You're just a shell of your former self. Even if it sometimes breaks through, you come right back to the immense sadness. It can't leave your mind.


Heartbreak is one of the worst pains in life. It shouldn't hurt so badly but it does. It takes over your mind, your moods, your sleep, your appetite, and your interactions with others. You just don't feel like "you" right now. It might not feel like it now, but this pain will slowly fade away. It might not be gone forever but it won't stick around forever either.