The Talented Fofão

Brazil is a true powerhouse in both male and female volleyball. The 1xBet mobile software can be obtained for free, and to get the app, go here from your Android or iOS device to wager on this squad. A fantastic player that performed for almost two decades on the Brazilian national side is Hélia Rogério de Souza Pinto, better known as Fofão.

She had an impressive career, which included things like:

1. participating in five consecutive editions of the Summer Olympics;

2. winning two bronze medals in the 1996 and 2000 games;

3. and winning a spectacular gold medal in the 2008 games.

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Lots Of Accolades

Fofão hasn't only had success with the Brazilian national team. For example, while performing for Italian team Sirio Perugia she also won the CEV Cup during the 2006-07 season. This also allowed her to be selected as the best setter of the tournament. At 1xBet you can find any kind of live match score: live soccer scores and also those from volleyball are also available on this platform.

In general, Fofão was an amazing setter. While playing for Spanish team Grupo 2002 Murcia during most of the decade of the 2000s she was also recognized for her talent in this position. Whenever great setters or other players are playing, the live match scores and live soccer scores from 1xBet can help you understand what they are doing.

A Household Of The Brazilian National Team

Fofão was part of the Brazilian national side between 1991 and 2008. Her list of victories and medals goes far beyond the aforementioned Olympic tournaments. When the Summer Olympics finally come, you will be able to watch live volleyball matches online through 1xBet by signing up to the platform.

During that period she played almost 350 matches with the national side. Besides the Olympics, she also won seven gold medals in the FIVB World Grand Prix with Brazil. Additionally, she also obtained a gold medal in the 1999 edition of the Panamerican games.

Fofão had a very long career. After retiring from the national side in 2008, she continued performing for various domestic teams in a wide range of countries. She played for Fenerbahçe Acıbadem, Unilever Vôlei and Rexona Ades Rio after ending her international career. Finally, she decided to put an end to her extremely successful professional career in 2015. At 1xBet you will be able to watch live volleyball matches on 1xBet online from all teams where Fofão played.