The Symbolic Meaning Of A Modern Lotus Flower

The Symbolic Meaning Of A Modern Lotus Flower

Very few flowers have had such a long and excessive history as the Lotus Flower. You have probably noticed this stunning flower in accessories, clothing, paintings, and literature. Lotus flowers are known for being a symbol of purity and resilience, but how did this symbolism come to be? From Ancient Egypt beliefs to the lotus' multiple meanings, here is everything you need to know about the symbolic meaning of a lotus flower!

The History Behind Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers have a history spanning thousands of years. This flower naturally started occurring in Southeast Asia and Australia. However, Ancient Egypt was where one of the earliest references of a lotus flower was made.

In Egypt, the flower was known as Seshen and associated with Egyptian gods. Ancient Egyptians believed that lotus flowers were symbolic of rebirth and creation.

Lotus flowers were showcased in art, hieroglyphics, and painting to represent fresh starts, fertility, and purity. Lotus flowers can also be found in Ancient Greece and Indian religions.

The Lotus Flower's Symbolism

The symbolism behind lotuses was inspired by the way it grows. If you don't know already, lotus flowers usually grow out of muddy waters. Their roots are anchored to the mud, but the flower itself always seems to rise to the surface.

This has made lotuses a symbol for resilience or fresh starts. However, Lotus flowers can be a symbol for many things. Usually, you will find that lotus flowers represent spiritual enlightenment, resurrections, new beginnings, purity, personal growth, tranquility, and wisdom.

A lotus flower's color can also mean different things. Lotus flowers come in pink, white, red, blue, purple, and gold colors. For instance, a white lotus flower usually symbolizes purity, while a red lotus flower can represent passion.

Lotus Flowers As Accessories

Due to their symbolism, lotus flowers have been a popular design in fashion and jewelry. You have probably noticed these flowers being used in accessories such as earrings, rings, bags, and more. Many people love to wear lotus flowers as it can be a personal reminder of their own strength and resilience.

Lotus flower accessories also make an amazing gift for your friends, significant other, parent, sibling, and child. For instance, a lotus flower can be a great graduation present as it represents fresh starts. Or you can give it to a significant other as a reminder of how far they've come. So on and so forth.

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There is a reason that after thousands of years, we all are still inspired by the lotus flower's strong-willed spirit. Whether you wear the flower on your ring or buy a painting of it, we hope the lotus flower reminds you of how resilient you can be as well!