The Submissive Wife – How She Makes Her Marriage A Success

The Submissive Wife – How She Makes Her Marriage A Success

Being a submissive wife doesn't connote slavery or servitude. Rather, it portrays a strong woman who recognizes her husband's authority as the head of the family and lets him lead. A submissive wife supports her husband's decisions at all times, even when they seem impractical. This does not make her husband a know-it-all tyrant, nor does it mean that they can't consult together before making important decisions.

Why show submission?

It is our place as wives to be submissive, an honorable, God-given role.
It is true that you might excel in certain areas where your husband falls short. This though, is no reason to disrespect him or to consider yourself superior to him.
Submission is directly linked to respect. When a wife fails to show respect for her husband, his reaction is often aloofness and a strong desire to show that he's the man. If you as a wife constantly battle with your husband under the guise of promoting equality, you are setting up your home for destruction.
This quote does come through as a useful piece of advice: that " when a wife is totally submissive, she controls her husband unknowingly and he becomes submissive unknowingly".

5 Benefits of submission

You will gain your husband's favor.

His attention and love will be all yours.

He will respect you and your opinions.

Divorce will not be an option.

Your home will be peaceful.

How to be a submissive wife

Respect and follow your husband's decisions without nagging.
Avoid statements like "I told you so!" when his decisions don't fall through. Knowing that you won't pull him down, his failures will lead him right back to you.
Even when you know what his decision on a matter will be, wait to ask him first. It shows that you respect and value him.
Be attractive to him. Observe personal hygiene, cook tasty meals, keep your home clean, and show genuine affection for him. These will make it easier for him to consider you before doing things. He would want to please the wife who keeps him pleased.
When he is speaking, listen. Pay attention to his feelings. Don't interrupt necessarily. Use your phone or plugin earphones when he is expressing himself. As women, we sure hate that. Men hate it too.
Do not demand things. Appeal to him. Ask questions instead of making statements that show that you've made the final decision. Try "Honey, can we do it this way?" instead of "it must be this way".
Mildly make your suggestions.
Be humble. This involves recognizing your honorable place as a wife; being your husband's compliment.
Give sound opinions that work when implemented. He will thus, value your opinions and always ask you before making decisions.
Learn to express appreciation for the good he does.

Why Submission can be difficult

A harsh and inconsiderate husband loses his wife's admiration and respect. He makes it difficult for her to fulfill her role as a submissive wife.
If though, he shows love to his wife, shows that he values her opinions even if he might not always follow them, pays attention to her feelings, and shows that he cares for his family, it will be easier for her to submit herself to him.

You can gain control of your home by being submissive. This shouldn't be used as an opportunity to always insist on your own ways. If you do, you'll lose your man. Submitting the right way will earn you a successful marriage.