The Struggles Of Being A Woman With A High Sex Drive

The Struggles Of Being A Woman With A High Sex Drive

One of the biggest stereotypes about sex is that men always have higher sex drives than women. We can all picture scenes from movies and TV where the man in the relationship wants to get it on, and the woman turns it down, claiming to be too tired. However, for many couples, this is just not true - many women can attest to being the one in the relationship that's always craving sex. When you're not expected to want sex as much as your partner, it can make things very challenging. Here's what it's really like to be a woman with a high sex drive.

Sex toys are our best friends

When you can't always rely on having a man around to get you off, sometimes you literally have to take things into your own hands. Women with high sex drives often have quite an array of toys, and we really know how to use them. When we're craving a great orgasm, we know exactly what we have to do to get there, and it can be just as satisfying as having sex with a partner. In fact, we're so in touch with our bodies that we can easily teach men how to get us off.

The entire world feels like a distraction

As a woman with a high sex drive, sex is an ever-present temptation. When we see an attractive guy, it can be hard to focus at school or at work, or even in social situations. Even surfing the web or going out to walk the dog presents a range of their own distractions. Men often get slapped with the stereotype of always thinking about sex, but it happens to women too.

We're not scared to make the first move

For those of us who crave sex constantly, it's up to you to get things going. Women with high sex drives aren't scared to ask for what they want and they're totally okay with being the ones to initiate physicality first. This change of pace can be great for men too - it takes the pressure off and allows you to just relax and enjoy.

Getting rejected hurts

Many men assume that women can just have sex whenever they want, but women with high sex drives know this isn't actually true. Just like women, men sometimes aren't in the mood, and if you're single, it can be hard to find a partner that you click with. But since this stereotype exists, it makes it easy to feel like there's something wrong if a guy doesn't want to sleep with you. It can be hard for us to stay confident if our partner turns down sex frequently.

Women with high sex drives know that the physical connection in a relationship is important, and it's directly related to your emotional connection. Sex isn't everything, but for someone who craves physicality, it's a great indicator of whether or not a relationship will be successful. And although being a woman with a high sex drive can be challenging, when we find a partner who's a good match, it makes for some serious fireworks.