The Struggles Of Being A Woman Who Knows Exactly What She Wants From Love

When you've spent years in the dating scene, you reach a point where you no longer want to put up with nonsense just to "put yourself out there." You know precisely what you want from love, which makes finding it more challenging.

1. You Won't Waste Your Time On Something Temporary

Time is valuable, and as you spend more time searching for love, it becomes increasingly precious. You become skilled at making quick judgments and moving on more quickly from anything or anyone who is not worth your time.

2. Your List Of Requirements Gets A Lot More Specific

After eliminating all of the deal-breakers, your list of requirements becomes more detailed and precise, making you less likely to compromise.

3. It Takes A Lot Longer To Find A Guy Who Fits The Bill

Decision-making becomes critical, and impulsiveness is no longer an option after going through enough negative experiences. Making choices, especially major life decisions, takes a little longer.

4. The Search Can Get A Bit Aggressive

Your knack for quickly discarding undesirable options can transform the quest for what you truly desire into a veritable search-and-rescue mission. It may prove difficult to take a step back and trust that the desired outcome will manifest in due time.

5. The Waiting Game Drives You Crazy

Waiting can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you've learned to relax. The saying, "All good things come in time" is undeniably true. While it's essential to pursue your goals, it's also crucial to acknowledge that the timing must be right.

6. Patience Really Is A Virtue

Another well-known saying states, "Good things come to those who wait." The problem is, time is of the essence, and waiting can be challenging. Patience is easier said than done.

7. It Seems Like Slim Pickings Out There

As you gain clarity on what you want in life, your options become more limited. It's like walking into a store and knowing precisely what you want, from size and color to price and other specifications. Unfortunately, finding that product is not always easy.

8. You Refuse To Settle For Less

Once you have a clear vision or concept in mind and know precisely what you're seeking, you become relentless in your pursuit. Compromising is not a possibility because you understand that achieving what you truly desire is the key to your ultimate happiness.