The Strongest Women Are Women With Anxiety

The Strongest Women Are Women With Anxiety

The likelihood of suffering from anxiety and depression is twice as much in women compared to men. The good news is that how we feel and any kind of emotional disease we may have does not define who we are, and it's no secret that some of the strongest women are actually those who suffer from anxiety.

She finds her identity in so much more

You will not hear her go around introducing herself as the girl who battles the demons of depression. She refuses to play the victim and refuses to let this sickness define her as a person. She has dreams, goals, and aspirations like everyone else.

Yes, her anxiety may sometimes kick in and make her too scared of her own dreams, but she finds a way to deal with it and press on. She recognizes that her worth is not tied to any kind of illness, mental or otherwise. As a matter of fact, she's so strong, aside from a few confidants, no one can pick up on the fact that she has anxiety because that is not who she is.

She wakes up every day and she fights

She simply won't allow herself to give up, because she knows there is so much to live for. She will ride out the waves during the moments of very low lows and will gladly rejoice in the highs. Even during the worst of days when it is messy and most chaotic, she will not resign herself to the whirlwind of emotions but will keep her head up and face what life throws her way.

She has learned not to live inside her head too much because she knows just how much joy that can steal from her day. She has mastered her own way of dealing with the overwhelming emotions and will go into that place within her headspace that allows her to tap into and muster her inner strength to keep fighting.

Most days feel like a battlefield for her, but that doesn't matter because she is a strong-willed warrior and will put up a spirited fight always.

She is both mentally and emotionally intelligent

Her mind is always working, and she analyzes every situation a little more than the next person. She looks at every situation and thinks "what if?" conjuring all manner of possibilities. She may even cope with reading, so her mind is always well-nurtured.

Emotionally, she is sensitive and dependable. Even on days when she needs emotional support from others, she will readily be someone else's support system. She knows just how difficult things can get and will sympathize and empathize with anyone going through any struggle of their own, no matter how trivial or small it may look when compared to her own situation. She may not fully understand her own strength, but she can be strong for someone else when needed.

A strong woman will not let her depression and anxiety stand in the way of everything she hopes to achieve. She will not let it define her as a person. She draws strength from her mental battles and faces every curve ball thrown her way face-on, with a sophistication only she could muster. She is not a victim. Her life is that of victory.